someone once said

you dont know what u have

until u lose it

I know i have you

and i never want to lose it

our time together is like nothin else

Ive ever experianced

Its beyond my wildest dreams

u make me warm inside

even on tha coldest days

you bring me light

when darkness falls


who will cry 4 me when my eyes dry?

who will comtinue when I no loger try?

who will save the lil boy within?

who will carry me when my legs give in?

who will continue to race when i no longer run?

who will bring light,when darkness falls on tha sun?

who will give me life,when Im near death?

who will be there to lay my body to rest?

who will travel where ive never been?

who will forgive and look past my sins?

who will take me life of heartache and pain?

who will bring sunlight,through all this rain?

who will finally be my 1 true love?

who will be my gift,from tha Lawd above?

who will tell me that i have reason to live?

Matter of fact..who will answer the questions i give?

some say that noone is truly beautiful.

I beg to differ

Beauty is what i see when I look at u

I see that its more than skin deep

The photos can only capture ur flawless body

But they cant see the beauty within

You should thank god every day

For blessin you to look this way

alot of people would kill to look like you

An i can just imagine what u put guys thro

u get have them rapped around yo fingertip

I cuz i know that got this nicca whipped

But Im not stuck on ur flawless physical

Im more attracted to ur mental

but dont get me wrong u fine from yo head to yo feet

I mean u even got trya banks beat