(Dream: )

I could spend an eternity holding you in my arms

The golden rays of the sun accenting your beautiful face

We could mingle under the starlit swarms

Just to escape this crazy place

(End Dream)

Oh the dreams I dream every night

When will this torture end?

I want to look towards the light

But Iím unable to turn around the bend

The words I create I do not hide

To demonstrate how I feel

But without you standing by my side

These words alone cannot heal

This heavy heart beats for one

My blood that seeks to warm

The only place it seems to run

Is to my dreams forlorn

So where is this rose of mine

That Iíve been yearning to hold

The thorns that may prick my finger-side

I dare not wish to mold

These thorns may pierce and cause me pain

The blood I shed eventually halts

I must learn, though not to feign

For it is not just the rose at fault

As time passes slowly by

My pains will soon be ceased

I long to find another smile

And my heart to bring to peace