Ode to a Tree

One day Mother had a gift for me,

I wondered to myself, “What could it be?”

It was a tiny black dot in the palm of her hand

Not much bigger than a grain of sand.

“It’s a seed,” she said to me.

“This is what grows into a big, tall tree.”

My tiny hands dug into the ground,

To plant the seed my mother had found.

I took care of you, tree, day and night,

Doing anything to avoid a blight.

Over the years you grew and grew,

Thick brown branches and green leaves too.

Birds were born in your arms,

Your apples are better than any farm’s.

Your flowers of white are quite a sight,

You house the owls of the night.

Squirrels need your seeds to live,

The air we breath, you’re willing to give.

Among your branches I always played,

In the summer I sat in your shade.

You’ve done more than enough for me,

You’ll always be more than just a tree.