Dream date or nightmare? A definite nightmare! Dating the most beautiful girl
you have ever seen may blow up in your face. Bardy is getting on with his life. The
memory of his girlfriend killed in a gruesome accident last year is beginning to fade.
Brady and Jon where eating out and Brady saw the most beautiful girl he has ever
seen so he goes and talks to her and asks her out. They went to see a movie, and
Brady saw a strange figure with a scarred face following him. Rosha his girlfriend
asked him if she could drive the car. Brad was hesitant but let her drive. Sure
enough they get into a car accident. Brady gets knocked unconscious. Rosha then
pulls him into the drivers seat and runs away. When Brady gained consciousness and
went home and got a call a girl telling him ``Stay away from Rosha she is dangerous.``
Brady didnít listen and went to Roshaís school trying to find her. Everyone at that
school said the Rosha never even went to that school. Brady went around to the back
of the school. Then he saw a girl that looked like Rosha from the back. So he runs
up tho her, the girl turned around and it was the girl with the scarred face. As soon
as Brady saw her he ran away as fast as he could to his car and there was Rosha
standing by his car. Brady asked her to go for coffee and Brady got her phone
number and address. When Brady got home he received a phone call the girls voice
again `` I saw you with Rosha at the school. Stay away from her! This is no joke!``
Brady figured out that it was the girl with the scarred face. The next day Brady told
Jon about the girl and the phone calls he was getting about Rosha. Jon told Brady to
stay away from Rosha. But Brady was being stubborn and said he was crazy about
Rosha. A few days later the doorbell ran and there was Rosha. She came in and
grabbed a letter opener off the desk and started playing with it. the doorbell rang and
it was Allie his ex-girlfriend. Brady didnít want Rosha and Allie to meet, so he made
Rosha run out of the house, but she tripped over the rug and stabbed Brady with the
letter opener. Allie ran in the house at the sound of Bradyís scream and Rosha was
sitting beside him. Allie started screaming at Rosha. The day before Brady got out of
the hospital the girl with the scarred face came to visit him. She had come to see if
Brady was going to listen to her or not. But once she was about to say something the
nurse came in and kicked her out. The next day Brady got home and Jon called him
and said he had something to say about Rosha. Brady had to go to the other line but
no one answered, when he went back he heard some struggling. Brady jumped in his
car and went to Jonís house and saw police cars and ambulance. Brady then found
out Jon was dead. When Brady got home Rosha called and told him to meet her on
the hill his girlfriend died. When he got there Rosha attacked him and killed him. The
reason killed him is because she was Bradyís ex-girlfriend that died and she accused
him of killing her.

One of the main characters is Brady Karlin. He is a girl crazy guy. Brady is
the kind of guy who can get any girl he wants. `` Brady every girl in Shadyside seems
to like you. I wish I had that problem.`` said Jon. Brady Knew he was good looking
he had a narrow face with high chiselled cheekbones. A dimple on his chin, and wide
shoulders on a lean strong body. That is why the girls like him. Bradyís character is
developed by what other people say about him and what he thinks and says about
himself. I find Brady very stubborn, if he doesnít want to know something he wonít
listen to anyone. Brady would be my ideal man only if he wasnít so stubborn. The
other main character is Rosha Nelson. She is supposedly the prettiest girl Brady has
ever seen. Jon I mean it man. She is totally perfect.`` Rosha has silky blond hair