Pliable Reality
Rain pounds the front of Joe's car as he drives down a dark lonely road. Joe can't figure out how
he had gotten lost "How can a man get lost? " he thinks. At that moment, he hit a large patch of mud and
slid off the road into a tree. Getting out and slamming the door he surveyed the damage to his car. He
could get it to start it again but it wouldn't budge. He saw a light in the middle of the field just a ways off.
So he thought he would just go over there and call a tow truck if it could find him in the boonies. He
walked slowly feeling sorry for himself. He finally made it to the front door of what looked like an old farm
house. He knocked twice and soon an old man came to the door and greeted him warmly and asked him to
come right in out of the cold. He thanked the old man and asked if they had a phone and if so could he use
it. He said he didn't believe in that new technology. By this time his wife walked in and introduced herself
as Beth Jones, and her husban!
d as Bob. He said he had better get going, but Mrs. Jones objected saying "You stay right here until the
storm clears." He said he couldn't possibly impose himself. He then turned back to the memory or him
walking across that cold muddy field. He shuddered. Mrs. Jones broke into his thoughts and said he could
walk to the neighbors the next morning, she said "They only live a few miles down the road and Bob can
drive you." He accepted gracefully, and said he would be out of the house at the crack of dawn. They said
that's fine they get up that early all the time. Mrs. Jones led Joe to the guest room which was upstairs.
They entered a spacious room which seemed to have a very inviting atmosphere. He sat down in one of the
rocking chairs and looked around. Mrs. Jones asked him if he would be okay for the rest of the night
because she was very tired. He said he would be just fine and thanked her. She closed the door behind her,
and he looked around the room. The thin!
g that first caught his eye was the pictures on the table next to him. The pictures were of men about his
age, he would have to ask them about it the next morning. He turned around and saw a huge bed with a
canopy over it. He walked over and sat down, the mattress seemed to hug him. He thought to himself
"Man I need one of these for home." He rolled over the bed and walked to the window. All he could see
was the moon bright and big as ever. He glanced to his left and saw a bookcase, he liked to read so he
walked over to it. He picked a book that he liked and sat down to read. He was past the first chapter when
heard, at first seemed to be a soft scratch, then "SCRATCH!!!" He looked around trying to see were it had
come from. "Must have some big rats in this place!!" he thought. He continued to read, he had only gotten
two pages when "SCRATCH!!" This scratch was followed by a single whimper "Help...". He thought he
was hearing things and decided to go to sleep. H!
e laid down in the soft bed. He liked the feel of it and started to close his eyes. Before he was completely
asleep he flashed his eyes to the canopy. His face grew to one of horror as he stare at what looked like a
person laying on the canopy. He jumped out of bed and climbed on the bed and looked over the canopy
and saw nothing to make such and imprint. He look back under the bad and with his finger pushed the
imprint. It felt soft just like a human body would if it was there. Suddenly he slipped and fell back onto his
bed he just lay still not knowing