Plane Run

Creative Writing

“Flying W traffic requesting take-off clearance, runway one-niner.” This was it. Today was going to be the day I take control of a real plane for the very first time. It was a war, clear day in July and my dad signed me up for flying camp. My instructor had me put in 17 Rpm’s on the throttle and we were off. Before I knew it, we were climbing rapidly.
As we climbed to about 2,000 feet every thing took on a whole new perspective. The huge farms I had seen on the way had suddenly shrunk down to about the size of my backyard. Then Cory, my instructor, asked me where I wanted to go. Little did he know that in my mind I had a list of at least a hundred places I’d want to fly. So I just said the first thing that came to mind, over my house. I told him where I lived and he told me how to turn in that direction. So I turned the yoke (steering wheel) and kicked in a little rudder and I went into the smoothest and sharpest turn ever.
As we approached the area of my town I realized how easy it is to navigate without even needing to know how to read an aeronautical map. So I just followed 42 down to where Clover used to be and there it was. My tiny little house or so it seemed from 1,000 feet. But my time was almost up so Cory asked if I wanted to have a little fun. Of course I did! So we went out closer to the pine barons and had a blast we did wingovers where you go into a small dive and dipsy doo’s where you experience Zero-G for a moment. However, I had something a little more mischievous and illegal in mind. The airport we took off from was not far from McGuire Air Force base and there were huge tankers flying in and out of there. So I decided I wanted to fly right into the wake or turbulence of the biggest tanker around.
My instructor told me we could get into trouble but he was up for it. So we fly right up behind the huge jet and it was not only the most fun moment in my life but it was also the scariest. The plane dropped about 50 feet and it bounced around like a rubber ball, right, left, up, down, and even diagonal. So my instructor took the controls and got us out of there as soon as possible before our little tin can fell apart. Well we landed the plane safely and we didn’t get in trouble. Moreover, that wrapped up the best day of my life.