Pick-a-Word Essay

I hold justice very high in my life, that is why I chose this word. In this world today people can get away with almost anything, and justice will not be server. This pertains, of course, only to things here on earth, because God is always just and fair. In my essay I am going to show the reader how justice use d to be handled, how it is handled now, how the United States Government is perverting justice, and how I think justice should be handled.
Many years ago, and probably still today, if you lived in one of the Arab states the punishment for a crime would be very harsh. For example, if a child over the age of sixteen were to steal a box of Snickers from the local grocery store, he would most likely have his hand or hands cut off. To even humiliate the thief more, this punishment would take place in the town square. I agree with this type of punishment because it shows all would-be thieves that this can and will happen to them if the decide to steal. In Ancient Rome if you committed a crime you would be publicly lashed with a whip, and in England you would be restrained in the stocks. This is so people could see you, spit on you, and throw rotted food on you. All of these methods were quite successful because no one wants to be humiliated, and no one wants to be hurt.
In the beginnings of our country, if a person committed a crime, they would either be put in jail or executed. Now, in today's times, if someone commits a crime, you can get away with it one hundred percent. For example, if a robber breaks into your house, you first have to tell him to get out before you can shoot him. This is a form of gun control which is strictly prohibited in the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights. If it were 1786 right now, and someone broke into your house, and you shot them, you would probably be awarded with a medal of honor or bravery. Also, now if a robber breaks into your house, and hurts himself, he can sue you! This is absolutely absurd! He should be publicly executed to show everyone that nobody is above the law. As long as the law is good and coincides with the teachings of the Bible. Over the years justice has seemed to die out, probably because countries are forgetting how God has helped them in the past, and in their forgetfulness will be condemned to invasions, hate, and war.
The perversion of justice reaches even the highest levels of government. The Clinton perjury case, is a good example. Bill Clinton confessed to lying under oath, for some reason, no great action has been taken. This is almost laughable, because if you or I were to commit perjury and lie under oath, we would be sent off to jail with no second thoughts. Think about this; you've been convicted of a big crime, and after the verdict you ask everybody to please forget about it so they can get on with their lives. If an ordinary citizen would try to pull this off, they might get a couple extra years in jail. I hope that this country is able to return to the great condition it was once in.
If I were in a position of power I would start off by taking all laws out and reinstating only the Bill of Rights and the Ten Commandments. Then I would go to all the jails and execute all of the murderers, child molesters, and rapists. I would then eject all bad representatives from Congress. After all this would be done, justice could be server.
In conclusion, justice can keep a country good, as long as the people and their government don't forget God. Justice is also something to help make things safe for everyone.