Physical Journeys

‘’In Physical Journeys the path followed is less important the final destination’’.

Discuss with reference to the set text and at least two pieces of supplementary material.

In RPF the first journey, which is the journey of the girls to the Moore River, is less important to actually reach Moore River and Mr Neville.

The details of the first journey are basic and do not have much importance in the film.

Mr Neville does not care how the girls reach Moore River as long as they are there.

However the second journey has more symbolism and importance in the film but it does not have any affect on the aim of the journey that is to get home.

Another indicator about path followed is less important than the final destination is shown in the journey from Moore River to Jigalong, the girls knew by following the Rabbit Proof Fence they will reach home but during their journey they realised that they were on the wrong fence and with a help from a worker, they changed their path and went to the right path.

The girls finally did reach to their final destination (home), which was the aim of the girls.

The story of ‘One Night the Moon’ is about a little girl, who gets out of her room at middle of night to follow the moon and she gets lost.

The community organises a rescue team to find her and the landowner who was also the father of the girl disallows an Aboriginal tracker to try and find her due to his personal racist attitude.

The rescue team goes to the wrong direction and the aboriginal man personally tries to find her.

The Aboriginal man continues to try and find her and he finally does find her but it was too late and she was already dead.

This movie again shows the viewer the path taken is less important the final destination which is to find the girl.

It didn’t matter how they searched for the missing girl as long as they found her was their main objective.

In the book ‘On Wings of Eagles’ by Ken Follet, which is a true story, set in 1979 is about two American (Paul and Bill), who were senior executives of EDS cooperation’s which had a contract in Iran to modernise the countries health care system.

These two men where arrested and put into jail because they where thought to be corrupt. They also had neither court hearing nor any important evidence to prove that they were corrupted.

In country where the government was dissolving with the ongoing revolution the head of EDS Mr Coburn decided to organise a team to bust the two prisoners out of the jail. After several analysing and decision making they decided to just pay the bail which was $12 million but still they were not allowed to go back to the US they had to stay in Iran.

They decided to smuggle out of Iran through the border although it was very important what route and etc to choose because their life as at stake but the final destination was the main goal which was simply crossing the border to Turkey.

This book is a good prove for less importance of path followed compare to the final destination because the team had many other choices to cross the border for e.g. buy a plane or boat and cross to the other side of the sea which was the Gulf states but this plan was too expensive for them after all they had already paid $12 million for a crime they never committed.

They finally do get to the other side of the border with many dangers situations and complete their mission but it was not because of the path they followed but the will and determination to save two mans life.