The Philipines are off the east coast of asia, the latitude and longitude
125E/8S, the bordering countries are malaysia,Taiwain,andIndonesia.The
main imports and exports are sugar,coconut oil,copra,copper,andlumber
exports.The climate is usually warm,the area is 115,830 square miles
the Philipines are an archipelago,valcanos and mountains.T he main
cities are Quezon city,Davao,Cebu,and the capital Manilla.Some plants
and animals the Philipines have are dugong,sika,tamarau,anoa,monkey
eating eagle,leperouse`s megapode,tinan monarch,and a cologo,some
fauna are coconut,rubber tree,redlaun,mahogany,pines,palm
the national tree narra.Some governmental people are president
Marcos,some languages spoken are fillipino,english,spanish,tagalong,and
some native languages,some religions are roman catholic,and muslim,the
Philipine money is done by peso=100 centavos emper catia =us
$770 rounded 800.The Philipines are in the Indian ocean by the pacific
Some interesting facts about the Philipines. the population is
67,898,000,former colonial status Spanishcolony,U.S dependency,and
Japanese.Natinal days are July 4th and June 12th,chief of states mrs.
Coragan Aquino,it rains 200 centimeters yearly,97.5 % of the forest is
owned by government,the islands were formed by underwater coral reaves
rising.the population is growing rapidly and more than 37% of the
estimated 66milion people are below the age of fifteen and at least 600,000
new jobs must be created yearly those reaching working age that live in the
povertise group of islands and a large share of crop
harvests,houseing,sanitation,transportation,and comunication need vast
improvements and the demand for improvment for electriciacal power is
great.and still there are unresolved conflict between people who share a
common culture and religion.