Persuasive Speech

Colorado Is A Great Place To VacationPersuasive Speech

Do you drink beer? Or have you ever been 14,000 feet in the air? If not, then you have a serious problem!! It’s a good thing I know the one & only cure – a visit to the great state of Colorado! Colorado has a rich history and a diverse landscape offering a large variety of tourist activities.


I. Colorado is one of the World’s best locations for skiing.

a. Telluride, Vail, Aspen, Winter Park, Purgatory, Crested Butte, Summit Basin are just some of the top-notch high-quality ski resorts and cities in the mountains of Colorado.

b. Several million dollars are raked into these skiing parks by natives and tourists each year

c. Colorado’s Rocky Mountain Range has 55 mountains at an elevation of over 14,000 ft above sea level. These giants are known as “The 14ers” and have hiking trails, skiing, and rock climbing. There are also another 60 mountains measuring just under 14,000ft. Just think of all the skiing, snowboarding, and avalanche-running you could do on those hills!

II. Ghost towns are not just a thing found in old western movies! Colorado has dozens of them! Scattered throughout the state, in the plains, foothills, and deep in the mountains exist entire cities completely abandoned! Or are they? A few Ghost Towns in Colorado are:

a. St. Elmo – You can literally walk the streets of history in easily accessible St. Elmo. This is one of the best-preserved ghost towns anywhere in Colorado. In fact, in addition to ghosts, a few real people still live there.

b. Hancock – Mining Community & Railroad Town

c. Vicksburg – restored with a museum

III. Colorado also has an amazing City Life as well!

a. Denver is a "sports capital," with all four Major League sports (NHL Colorado Avalanche, NBA Denver Nuggets, NFL Denver Broncos, Major League Baseball\'s Colorado Rockies), as well as two professional soccer teams all playing in newly built stadiums, arenas, and fields! (Coors’ Field, Pepsi Center, the new Mile High Stadium)

b. Speaking of Coor’s & Pepsi – When in Denver, why not spend an afternoon touring the one and only Coor’s Brewing Plant or the even the Pepsi Manufacturing Plant?!

c. Garden Of The Gods - Imagine towering sandstone rock formations against a backdrop of snow-capped Pikes Peak and brilliant blue skies. That’s the view from the beautiful Garden of the Gods

d. The enormous sandbox at the Great Sand Dunes National Preserve makes you feel, very simply, like a kid again. People of all ages run up these 700-foot-high dunes just to roll down, laughing while their shorts fill up with sand.

e. Red Rocks Amphitheater – Surrounded by towering red rocks, the world-famous Amphitheatre seats 10,000 and provides excellent natural acoustics.

IV. Other facts that make Colorado the perfect place to visit!

a. Denver has 300 days of bright sunshine a year -- more annual hours of sun than San Diego or Miami Beach.

b. Denver has the nation\'s largest city park system, with more than 200 parks within city limits and 20,000 acres of parks in the nearby mountains -- an area larger than all of Manhattan Island.

c. In the past 5 years, more the 350,000 people have moved to the Mile High City

d. Denver is the Largest Metro city in a 600-mile radius – an area almost the size of Europe!


In conclusion, wide variety of tourist traps, city life, and booming economy all lend to making Colorado the perfect place to plan your next vacation!