Personal Statement to Accompany CSU Fullerton Application

I believe there are two main ideas behind having a good college experience, benefiting from the intellectual vitality and receiving the personal benefit from these years.
For the four years of high school, the DaVinci program is a math and science integrated course that would provide special projects, presentations, and a higher learning environment than the mainstream courses offered. When I first heard about the DaVinci program, I was determined to get in. Ever since I was young I had been fascinated with scientific problems, and ideas. I was glad to find out that I had been accepted into the program, however I knew that much hard work lay ahead. I wasn’t prepared for the final assignment of my 10th grade year, the Mars Project.
For the Mars Project, it was necessary to plan, design, and maintain a simulated colony of 8,000 human permanent residents with capabilities to hold 2,000 additional temporary visitors. Transportation was needed to, and from, the planet for both raw supplies and a constant stream of vacationers.
The DaVinci members were divided into groups of 12 to propose their plan to the professors six weeks later. What made this project difficult was that we had to come up with a plan to accomplish a feat that nobody had published information on yet. In order to complete the project, we had to make inferences about what kinds of problems would be encountered in different parts of the project. To do this project by oneself would have been tough, but to also coordinate a group of 12 individuals to work in unison to accomplish a much greater task took much greater effort.

What set this project aside from all the other assignments I have previously done in school was that I saw the goal from the beginning and it enticed my love for a good challenge and interest in science. It allowed me to use my imagination and creativity. This was most important because my interest in the topic drove me to put forth my best efforts in seeing that I, and my group, attained the assigned goal. The personal benefit was that I learned to get along with a group of people for long periods of time and still make progress in our work. The other large benefit was that I was able to put my trust in my teammates to do their part effectively and accurately, and that they could trust me to do the same. This enlightened me to know that I could be counted on for such a large project and that I could learn to count on others. It showed me that we could come together as a team and have every individual pull his or her own weight.
I realized that this project was similar to what college work is like and I knew that I was going to have a good experience in college; but, at the same time, I know that I am going to have to work hard and put a lot of effort into college work if I wanted to get something out of it. I plan to put all of my effort into getting all the personal benefit out of my college experience and I would like to remember that it was at CSU Fullerton that I gave it my best and graduated from.