Topic: Childhood Memories/ Falling out of car

Focus: -Leaving the elementary school

-In the car

-Falling out of car

Thesis statement: The most memorable, most hilarious and ironically most painful

day of my childhood was the day I fell out of the car.

-Body 1-

Main Idea: Leaving the elementary school, (the chaos surrounding a mother trying to

control four boys causes her to forget to lock the doors).

Supporting Example 1: Last day of school -Teachers talking to Parents

-Kids in a rush

-Four boys

-Amazing summer Day

Supporting Example 2: Getting into car -The fight for the front seat.

-Impala 1982

-Getting out of the parking lot

Clincher: Mother forgets to lock doors

-Body 2-

Main Idea: In the car, fight breaks out in car which accidentaly causes door to open.

Supporting Example 1: Verbal battle. - Who? better Batman or Superman?

-Discussion turns into argument .

Supporting Example 2: Fighting starts -Argument turns into a fight.

-Punches are thrown.

-Brothers punch misses and grasps handle.

Clincher: Handle is pulled

-Body 3-

Main Idea: Falling out of car.

Supporting Example 1: Door opens -I feel a breeze.

-Nothing supporting my body.

Supporting Example 2: Impact - Hitting the ground.

- Rolling to a stop at the curb.

Supporting Example 3: Brothers Laugh /Missing -Brothers start to laugh

-Mom wondering why their laughing

looks in the mirror and sees me 200m


Panic -Mother panics and forgets how to stop the car.


Main Idea: Getting help ?ar coming in opposite direction stops.

-Mother regains control of car.

-no broken bones!

-Drivers son becomes good friend

Reworded Focus:

Reworded Thesis: