PERIOD: 1 DATE:1-10-99

1)WHAT IMPACT DID THE CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS HAVE ON YOUR COMMUNITY OR YOUR FAMILY? I was scared...everyone in my community would have felt the same I’m sure!I was also anxious to see what our government would do about communism
2)WHERE WERE YOU WHEN JFK WAS ASSASSINATED?I was in social studies in the 9th grade going over Europe if I remember correctly. They came over the P.A. and told the school. Everyone was shocked and very sad.

3)What were some reasons for JFK’s popularity and its endurance over the years?He was a Democrat and I supported democrats.He was also for the people. He wanted to help the poor.He was also younger than most presidents.
4)WHAT WAS YOUR REACTION TO THE ASSASSINATION OF MLK? MALCOLM X? RFK?I was shocked and mad and very sad about the assassination of MLK....everyone was! I was not as sad about the death of Malcolm X...I was also shocked though.I was really sad when I heard of the killing of Robert Kennedy. I was also suspicious....I thought there was some type of conspiracy by the the Mafia..or government.
5)WHAT DID THE TERM “BLACK POWER” MEAN TO YOU?It reminded me of the panthers power in our neighborhoods.It made us think that blacks should be more powerful
6)DO YOU THINK MLK AND HIS PHILOSOPHY OF PASSIVE RESISTANCE WAS EFFECTIVE IN ACHIEVING EQUALITY FOR BLACK AMERICANS? WHY OR WHY NOT?Yes, I thought it did to some extent. but sometimes I think it would have been better if they had fought back a little. It was a good start though.
7)WHAT EVENTS IN THE 60’S HAD THE GREATEST IMPACT ON SOCIETY?(DISCUSS WAR,DRUGS,HIPPIES,MUSIC,VIOLENCE).Vietnam had the greatest impact on me.I lost a lot of classmates and friends in Vietnam.I also remember the riots in Detroit. I was sitting on my porch and me and my sisters and brothers saw the rioting going on. We weren't scared that it went on so close to us but sad that all of this was going on!
8)HOW DID THE TELEVISION NETWORK’S COVERAGE OF THE RIOTS AND VIOLENCE IN THE CITIES AFFECT YOU? WAS THE COVERAGE FAIR AND UNBIASED? It disgusted me because you saw your own people being so ignorant by looting. It made me sick to my stomach.
9)WHAT WAS YOUR REACTION TO THE ACTIVISM OF THE BLACK MUSLIMS AND THE BLACK PANTHERS?(MALCOLM X,STOKLEY CARMICHAEL,HUEY NEWTON).I think it was a waste of time.I also think it was a waste of lives, so many people went to jail or got killed...and not much was accomplished.
10)HOW DID THE MEDIA THROUGH THE MOVIES,TV,MUSIC,SCIENTIFIC AND MEDICAL ADVANCEMENTS IMPACT AMERICAN SOCIETY?Movies in the 60’s were negative to me ....they glorified the bad things such as drugs and too much sex.The Beverly Hillbillies was a good TV show to me because it showed that people can get a lot of money and not forget where they came from and keep their roots.I also think that the man on the moon had a big impact on American society too.
11)WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE TV SHOW? WHY? My favorite show was “That Girl”. I liked it because it showed me that women could make it as a woman in the business world, and I wanted to be a career woman just like her.
12)WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE TYPE OF MUSIC,SONG,MOVIE? R&B was my favorite type of Diana Ross,The Temptations...Motown Music.”Groovin” was my favorite song and Love Story was my favorite movie.
13)WHAT EVENT DURING THIS DECADE INFLUENCED YOU THE MOST?The riots in Detroit influenced me the most because it was so close to me!
14)DID YOU WATCH NEIL ARMSTRONG WALK ON THE MOON IN 1969? EXPLAIN YOUR REACTION TO THIS EVENT.DID U SUPPORT THE BILLIONS OF DOLLARS GIVEN TO THE SPACE PROGRAM?WHY?Yes I saw Neil Armstrong walk on the moon but everyone saw that! I found it fascinating and awesome that people were actually up there!I only think the money was spent to beat Russia and the end of the the money spent was kind of not for the real purpose of doing it. so no I didn't support it.
15)DO U BELIEVE THAT RICHARD NIXON WAS A GOOD PRESIDENT?EXPLAIN. No I did not he was a good president.. because he was a