"Peace is the sturdy child of terror. For me, such a peace is a wretched offspring, a peace that condemns us to live under a dark cloud of perpetual anxiety, a peace that codifies mankind's most murderous instincts. . . .The beast (nuclear weapons) must be chained, its soul expunged, its lair laid waste." This Winston Churchill quote summed up his feelings on nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction. Nuclear weapons have been used in war three times in their sixty-year existence. Two times they were used in World War II and one time in the gulf war. The results of their use put an end to the war, but at the same time, the bombs cost one hundred five thousand people their life. Within in seconds of the first bomb dropping, sixty-six thousand people were dead and another sixty-nine thousand would have everlasting affects on them. The second bomb was not much different. Only thirty-nine thousand people died and twenty-five thousand were injured. Was there any other possible way the war could have been ended without killing over a hundred thousand people? Nuclear weapons pose an intolerable threat to humanity and to our habitat. Robert Norris and William Arkin are both writers for the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists they report "The number of operational strategic nuclear warheads is estimated to be about 7,200 approximately the same number as last year. (Norris, Arkin 1). This total does not include countries which are currently making and holding NW's without the approval of other nations. Serious problems will eventually result from this if something is not done about it. Total nuclear disarmament is the only possible way to assure the world that an event like WWII will never happen again.
Nuclear weapons main job is to kill, and killing is what they do. Within seconds of these bombs being dropped in WWII, human flesh was disintegrated and burned. There are several different ways of dying from a nuclear attack. The fireball, which develops around an exploding warhead, will evaporate everything and everybody within or around it. Many experts agree, depending on the size of the warhead, the heat from the fireball will cause burns within one mile of the blast and burn most clothing. The blast will demolish buildings and crush humans beneath all of the debris. The force being pushed outward from the blast would toss people hundreds of feet to their death. Meanwhile, a lethal ionizing dose of radiation will kill anybody within a mile and a half of the explosion. People a hundred miles of the explosion may also receive a lethal dose of this radiation, by means of blowing winds. No medical attention would be available after an event like this and a majority of the survivors would die from famine or disease. This scenario is a very possible. Nuclear warheads would only produce this type of an event.
Not all nuclear weapons are warheads. Gary Cohen explains how nuclear weapons were used in the Gulf War. "The Pentagon field tested a new generation of uranium-tipped bullets and shells in the Gulf War. One of the bullets, made of radioactive depleted uranium. (Cohen 1). The American soldiers who handled this ammunition have now been having many medical problems. Of the more than 600,000 U.S. troops that served in the Gulf War, approximately 60,000 have reported medical problems with a variety of symptoms, ranging from respiratory problems, liver and kidney dysfunction, memory loss, headaches, fever, low blood pressure and birth defect among their newborn children. (Cohen 3)" Worse yet, sixty seven percent of the children born from Gulf War veterans have been reported as having severe medical illnesses, e.g. missing eyes and digits, blood infections, respiratory problems and fused fingers. It is not fair for the men and women who served in this war and it is not fair for the children. The reasons these bullets were used was because American probably needed to get rid of our nuclear waste materials. Is this the way that these children should have to live out their lives? They are scarred from events that took place even before their birth.
Nuclear weapons are a complete risk to every human being on the planet. The world needs to take a step of non-proliferation.