Part I Question 2
What is a Worldview?

People respond to different situations in different ways. The reason people respond to situations differently is because of their worldview. A worldview is: "Our world view determines our values. It helps us interpret the world around us. It sorts out what is important from what is not, what is of highest value from what is least" (TTV, 32). So our worldview affects everyday decisions. It tells us what to eat, what to wear, and how to act. The worldview is at the core of every creature. Take an Native American's view of nature and an American's view. The Native American views nature as their home. Whereas the American views nature as something to be tamed or nature is out beyond civilization. According to Walsh and Middleton the modern worldview is a dualistic one.
Dualism is the separation of sacred and secular. This dualism separates God from everyday life. Dualism creates the idea of worshipping God on Sunday, but during the week forget about him. The analysis of the modern worldview is right on the money. The dualism allows other idols or gods to enter our lives. In The Transforming Vision by Walsh and Middleton, they point out three main "Gods of our age' which are: Scientism, Technocism, Economism. With out the dualism these gods would not exist. People are very in tune with these new gods of our age.
Scientism is a belief that only humans reason through the scientific method can answer any questions about the natural world and human society (TTV, 132). Scientism implies that a lack of knowledge is an evil thing. If god wanted us to know everything he would have given us the knowledge. Science is not bad, it has helped people live longer and we understand our effects on the world. It is when we live or die by it that science takes a turn for the worse.
Technocism is a belief that who ever is more technologically advanced will control the world and get rid of all the ills of human society (TTV, 135). Technology is not all that bad if we use it in a helpful way. When people think that technology will solve all problems and keep the natural world under our control is when technology can be bad.
Economism is a belief that people who acquire the most wealth are the happiest. Economism takes wealth and fame a little to for. Economism says if you do not consume and make more money you will not be happy. Again if Economism is viewed this way it is bad, but if people use money and wealth in moderation it is better.
These gods of our age are present everywhere you look. The three gods of: scientism, Technocism, and Economism are the best categories to describe what people worship today. Personally people worship the God of Economism the most. Look at the average person going to college. Ask them why they are going to college. More often than not people will say to get a good job and make more money than others. It is hard not worship these other gods of our age but we must try.

Part I Question 3
The Christian Worldview

A worldview helps people answer the four worldview questions which are: Who am I?, Where am I?, What's wrong?, What's the remedy? (TTV, 35). When people answer these questions reality becomes sensible. The basic Christian worldview "Appears to be irrelevant to most of life" (TTV, 95). The worldview Christian Worldview is geared towards the soul. Many Christians would answer the first worldview question by saying we are care takers of gods creation. This answer should then lead the rest of the question along the same basis. The answer Christians give to the second worldview question is, we are in gods creation which is good and dependant on God for its very existence. The third worldview question would be answered, that human have rebelled against God and worshiped false gods instead of him. Also, We have alienated ourselves from God and the natural world. The last worldview question would be answered, to fallow Christ because through him we are redeemed. These four worldview questions should help shape a Christians view on earth and ethics.
Christians should have a