Part 1- Capture and Voyage

Dear Diary,

I was walking along the beach minding my own business, looking for seashells or food when all of a sudden these, riding on horses galloped toward me. In between them was a large net. I said, “Hello, nice day outside isn’t it?” but they just looked at each other and laughed. They said, “Yes, it is because with you we will get tons of money!” They opened up the net wider and put me in it, so I couldn’t run away.

Later, the bounty hunters put me in chains and sold me to the white man who takes us to America. The bounty hunters sold me to the white man for fifty pounds. They were talking about some “Golden Triangle” where England pays spices, rum, and money to bounty hunters in exchange for slaves. Then, the slaves travel to America, where the white men give money to England for the slaves. The ship to America was horrible.

The conditions were so awful that slaves and white man alike would die on the ship. All the slaves on my ship belonged to different tribes so we all spoke different languages. Because we all spoke different languages we taught each other a little bit of our languages so we could attack the white men

Our best chance to attack the white men came when the whites were playing music and we had to dance to the music. We all began dancing, and then attacked together. We all rushed to the man with the key to the chains and killed him. We almost killed everyone, but a little boy shot a cannon and hurt nearly every slave on the ship. After our defeat we were put back in the bottom of the ship to await the auction.

That’s all for now,