Part 1:
A city, in order to effective and just, needs citizens who live in moderation. The definition of moderation is to have a certain kind of order and mastery of certain kinds of pleasures and desires. These desires include: food, money, sex, and wine. A well governed city has citizens who have limits and control over their desires. When living in moderation, the citizens will not reproduce beyond one’s means, nor will they let wine take control of them. The purpose of the simple city is to serve the individual, and fulfilling basic desires serves the individual best (Bloom, 345).
In The Republic of Plato, Socrates and Adiemantus agreed that a simple city’s first basic need is food, second housing, and third clothing and such. To have these necessities four to five men would be needed to start a simple city as a farmer, housebuilder, and a weaver. These men will only practice one trade, and will share their products with each other. The men come together to support one another because by oneself they would be incomplete of the basic necessities of survival. In this first stage of the simple city there is no need for the men to be governed. They also do not have goals of owning more than the next man, but that they have enough to exist. In the second phase of the simple city, it grows and becomes more efficient, with the addition of shepards, nailbakers, homemakers, etc. The third phase continues has external and internal trade takes place as well as the addition of shipmakers. The city starts to become business oriented, but still just. The addition more occupations in the second and third phase transforms the simple city to a larger more complex one. The people of the city are still acting in moderation, or limiting their desires. The people of the city are happy with what they have and that makes them just (Bloom, 344-6).

Part 2:
The inhibitants of Easter Island have contrasting lifestyles of those from the simple city. There seemed to be no sense of moderation practiced amongst the people of Easter Island. They let their desires take control and evevtually destroy their city. Unlike the simple city, the inhabitants reproduced beyond their means. The peak population of the island was estimated between 7,000 and 20,000 which does not seem possible for an island of that size (Diamond. When the islanders frist started to colinize, the island was

Part 3: