Parental Failure
Children being out of control and having failing grades are problems that our school system is having.
Although working parents often lack the time to oversee their children, they can do a lot to prevent children from having failing grades and being disciplined at school continually.
In a lot of households today both parents have to work. Therefore time is short, A working mother spends her evenings cooking supper, cleaning house, and doing laundry. The idea of doing her child's homework never enters the mind until he is asleep asleep. A good homework role is, to get started with homework within the first hour of getting home school. Household chores and leisure activities will follow. As for me I am on a busy schedule. I am employed full time, attend school full time, therefore I have some trouble seeing that this is done.
Children have a tendency to get into troubled school, some more than others do. A lot of them are never punished at home for what they have done wrong, this makes it easier for them to consider doing wrong. The ones that are disciplined at home and at school think twice about a situation that may involve punishment. Parental involvement in school function such as, PTA meetings, teachers conferences and sports events would help to see the problems children are having.
I believe when the biggest problems are that parents naively believe anything their child tells them. Some will go as far as telling the school officials that their son or daughter said they did not do with their accused of doing and that the teacher is lying. The parent should meet with the child and teacher face to face to try to solve the matter.
If a lot of parents could learn to control their children, and teach them to obey the rules and regulations, they would discover that going to school would be much better.