Pacific Vortex!
By Clive Cussler

Interviewer: Hello. I am here with Dirk Pitt, the death defying adventurer and deep-sea expert. He has just been into the depths of the Pacific Vortex and-

Mr. Pitt: Yes. I have just returned from the Pacific Vortex, a foggy sea zone where dozens of ships have been vanishing lately without a trace. Let me tell you it was not a lot of fun!

Interviewer: I see. Could you also please tell me why you ventured down-

Mr. Pitt: Sure. I was sent down there to find it, and salvage it, all before the sea explodes.

Interviewer: Um, find and salvage what?

Mr. Pitt: Oh yeah, the STARBUCK. Itís the latest American super-sub, an underwater nuclear arsenal. So I had to go down there and disassemble all the nuclear warheads before theyíre reached by foreign terrorists. And I wasnít kidding, it really was no fun! All those assassins and traps, it was no fun at all!

Interviewer: Well, thatís all the time we have at the moment. You can join us for the whole story later tonight on NIGHTLINE or you can read his new book, Pacific Vortex!
Thankyou for joining us, goodnight.