Ownership/size/locations -

Hal Riney & Partners, Inc., one of the most famous privately-owned advertising agencies in San Francisco, CA, was founded in 1986 by chairman and CEO Hal P. Riney himself. With the branch office in Chicago, Hal Riney & Partners Heartland, reaches out to clients in different regions as well. Both San Francisco and Chicago offices employ a total number of approximately 350 employees.
Income/profitability -
As of July 1996, Hal Riney & Partners, Inc., had an approximate annual billings of $475 million. The breakdown of gross billings by media are as followes: Newspaper - $38 million; Business Publication - $4.75 million; Transit - $4.75 million; Outdoor advertising - $19 million; TV - $275.5 million; Radio - $42.7 million; Collateral - $9.5 million; Consumer publication - $57 million; and cable TV - $23.75 million. Nowadays, the average percentage of earning for advertising agencies is approximately between .05% to 1% of the total billings. With a billing of $475 million, it would be logical to assume that Hal Riney & Partners earns approximately $2.375 million to $4.75 million. With the acquisition of several new accounts including Acer Group and Sprint Spectrum, Hal Riney’s billing is now approaching $600 million.
Management Profiles -
The chairman and CEO of Hal Riney & Partners, Inc., is Mr. Hal Riney. There are over 30 Sr. VPs and VPs holding various positions at the San Francisco office alone. Some of the key personnel at the San Francisco office includes Vice Chairman - James Travis; Chief Financial Officer & Executive VP - Lyn Muegge; Executive VP & National Creative Director - Joe O’Neill; Executive VP, and Managing Director - David Verklin; Executive VP and Corporate Development - John Yost; and Creative Director - Gerald Andelin.
The Chicago office handles a set of different clients with its own different personnel such as Barray Krause - Executive V.P. and Managing Director; Jonathan Harries - Executive V.P. and Executive Creative Director; Catharine Gerber - Senior V.P. and Media Director; and Paul Janas - Senior V.P. and Creative Director. Hal Riney has recently added Scott Marshall as the president on his pay roll after several unsuccessful search for new partners. In the past 18 months, Hal Riney had also held conversations with Interpublic Group (who owns McCann-Erickson, Lintas, etc.) and W.Y. Choi (a majority owner of N.W. Ayer & Partners) in attempt to sale his agency.
Clients -
Hal Riney & Partners serves a variety of clients from auto maker to fast food restaurant. Current major clients include Acer Group, Alamo car rental company, Birkenstock, The Walt Disney Company, Cox California PCS, GM Electric vehicle, Public Broadcasting Service, See’s Candies, Inc., Kaiser Permanente, Saturn Corporation, Subway Restaurant, Mirage Resorts, Inc., The Good Guys!, Pharmative Corporation, The Stroh Brewery Co., Progressive Insurance, Crystal Geyser Water, Kinko’s Service Corporation, Sprint PCS (formerly known as Sprint Spectrum), and Serta, Inc.
Sprint PCS, a recently acquired client, has an estimated budget of $20 - $30 million. Hal Riney’s first responsibility is to build the brand personality and image advertising of Sprint’s wireless phone and communication services. The account is being overseen by Riney co-executive creative director Steve Sweitzer and creative director Dave O’Hare. Riney will also create regional print and radio ads to tie into Sprint’s retail alliance, Radio Shack.
In addition to Sprint PCS, Hal Riney is playing a very active role in Saturn Corporation’s launch in Japan with the seventh largest Japanese advertising agency, Daiichi Kikaku. Saturn’s goal is to be No. 1 in customer and dealer satisfaction.
Despite its success, HR&P had raised a rather controversial campaign in the past. It would only be fair to present some of the unsuccessful campaigns to achieve the objectivity of this assignment. One of those controversial ones was the Swedish Bikini Team for Old Milwaukee Beer in 1992. The campaign was charged and accused of being sexist by native Swedish and various feminist groups in the US. HR&P withdrew the campaign and later resigned the account.
Corporate/Creative Philosophy -
Hal Riney has a special way to “talk to” the American people. He has a unique way to profile people and make them seem real, thus give them credibility. His voice was featured at several commercials such as the Bank of America advertisement and the KQED Channel 9