Outlooks on life can be odd and vary from person to person, one temperament and attitude, outlook upon the world ands its challenges. Tim Allen shares his point of view and its best summed up by starting with:

"Life's like a race, the momentum carries us forward from childhood. But one day we wake up in the middle of our lives and were shocked to find we're pushing forty. It's a weird zone. We take our feet off the gas to check it out, we noticed the track and the grandstand, the pit in the way that we hadn't before, because we were focussed on our career and ambitions, and providing for our families and staying alive. Next thing were gonna know were asking ourselves if we really want to race, what the race means, are there other races, who's really doing the driving, and what it means to win."

In this he lay's out the typical male mid life crises in a metaphorical manner, by the race meaning life and all the symbolism he shares his view. Fast paced having fun, that's what's best in life. The tool man is all about more power… getting greasy and looking at pin up girls. Yeah he enjoys letting off pressure in the confinements of the garage, A.K.A. The mans zone… a place where the men among men live. Bob Craftsmen and Binford. All of the best, cars, tools and grease.

How we drive is part of your maleness and I believe it, if a woman's driving and gets cut off she waves the person on, if a guy gets cut off its *#^$ you *(*&%$. We are cocky, and think with our fists.

Tim's outlook has contrasted with my life to see the lighter comical side of things… and step away and laugh at myself. It makes your day brighter and lifts your spirits. The fact that you can take a lighter outlook on things frees up your judgement and makes you less stressed.

In the book time talks about his everyday occurrences and what he does to solve his problems, as well as odd things that has happened to him to give him a better outlook on life. Trial by fire is not one way that neither Tim nor I are particularly fond of, but when that little white lie or promises you forgot about backfires it rears its ugly head. Looking at other ladies, rather than your own, spending too much time on your favorite hobby, in Tim's case the hotrod. Scratching yourself in public: reliving bodily pressure where you might offend others: eating sloppy, and having fun are all the things guys live for.

As we learn and Tim teaches in his book is there is a correct time and place for it all, there is also a wrong place to do everything. Dirty looks and bad driving, obscenities are kept low, yes "Men are pigs." Theirs nothing we can do or is there? I often ask myself. Can we as males change how we act and think? Yes we can, in all the woman's magazines all you hear about is how to change your man into a passionate Don Juan.

Allowing our minds to enlighten and not learn everything the hard way, or the wrong way before we do it right is what the book is all about. I have learned this, and fine-tuned my maleness to a perfect balance of sweat and testosterone and sweet caring effecting for those who I love and love me. As well as picking up a couple good jokes and being able to say, " Hey I'm not the only one that's happened to!" It's a good experience, almost a "Am I on the right track book."

Tim's done it the hard way serving time in jail for drug charges, he has learned the easier way of getting what you want and need out of life, now he can teach us/me not to do the wrong things first.