Our Town Essay on Grover's Corners and My Town

The play Our Town and the town I live in now have a lot of similarities but they also have a lot of differences. The first similarity of the town I live in and Grover's Corners is that they are similar in what is in the town. One example of similar town offers is that they both have a church. Another example is that they both have a local doctor, and a local drug stores or pharmacist to fill out the doctors prescription.

Another similarity of the two town is the families. One example of the families is that they have parents and children. One example of the children is that they go to school. Also in the families there are differences like many of the parents work away from home and do not say home all day and do house work. With parents a work the children have more responsibilities. They have to worry about more than just chopping wood but with more responsibilities they get more money and get to do more things.

With similarities there are contrasts. One contrast is people do not get married at such young ages. George and Emily get married when they are about 19 or 20. There are some people that get married that young but the marriages do not last that long. People tend to get married in there mid 20's after they have graduated college and have a job.

Another contrast is about death. In the story Wally dies at a very young age because of a medical problem. In life today that medical problem could of been solved and he might not have died. Also Emily died of child birth. If she had problem today they might have been solved early on and she might not have died. How ever there were also some old age or very serious deaths like Doc Gibbs he died in 1930 he lived to be rather old and Mrs. Gibbs died of pneumonia which to day still causes deaths today.

In this essay I expressed some of the likes and dislikes of Grover's Corners and Monongahela or any other modern town in the area.