One Raindrop Rasies The Sea

My outside reading book was Nimitz Class and this is a book that can be easily identified with as it has many features that are appearent to everyday lives. These things that make it easily identifiable are the multitude of character\'s different personalities, the numerous situations, and the varying levels of relationships these characters have with each other.

Each man is created equal or somthing like that was said way back then in 1776 and in Nimitz Class every man is created equal because it is certifiably mentioned in the opening paragraph, "We weren\'t like any other ship our captin belived the fact that no matter how small your job was, wether you were 1st class cleaner to 3rd Class bombaderr expert, that you had a big importance on how the ship was cared for and how the sucess of the ship was, maybe that\'s why we succeeded in finding the Jefferson\'s fate because we were unlike anyother ship." This establishes the idea that no matter what you do that doesnt equal who you are as a person and I for one am a strong beliver of the idea that one raindrop rasies the sea, that one person is all the difference. Let\'s look back to Christopher Columbus a man who only went to India for conquest, who only went to India for free spice that he was going to steal by force. What did he do in the end? History and word of mouth tell us that he landed on "The Americas" and made friends with the nice little Indians like Big Cheif and little Foot. The truth is that he landed and demanded gold, they didn\'t speak spanish so he shot the first one he met and demanded spice and showed them pictures. After hours they produced enough "spice" and "gold" (spice being random weeds and plants, and gold being shinny objects that they had collected over the years) for Columbus to leave to Spain to ask for more men and money to get him more of what his loved queen wanted. Meanwhile his nice little Indian friends Big Cheif and Little Foot were struck with hideous diseases that he left for them because they had never come into contact with food that he traded and furs he gave them. When in reality he forgot the instructions to cooking the food and didn\'t know that Little Foot was allergic to the fur that he gave them. This clearly shows that one person can change anything no matter how small or how big, as was said by a great philosipher,"man only knows what he is,but never realises what he may become."

The very similar situations Nimitz Class has to real life can be applied to anything. The fact that they have to find the Jefferson and once they found it they realised that it was completely destroyed and needed to avege. In a class I have at school I heard a phrase,"Let the dead bury the dead." which means put the past behind and look forward. I have also heard something else maybe relavent or maybe irelavent,"There are two kinds of females in life the ones that will break up with you and still be your friend like before and the ones that will never talk to you again." In the book they had two choices. One was to look forward and see what the future had for them, and the other was to chase a ship that was capable of destroying a nuclear sub within seconds and wiping it clean off the screen with no sign of anything, as if in a blink of an eye it was there and now it isn\'t. I am told and reminded by my grandpa whenever we play cards that, "There are two kinds of people in this world the ones that will hit on 16 in blackjack and the ones that will stay.

The characters in Nimitz Class can be seen as real life people there\'s Carl Theodore the greedy money grubing lunatic, who\'s one only concern is for money and more money. He reminds me of Bill Gates, hey when\'s the last time he donated money to