One of todays problems that troubles me most is teenage pregnancy. More than one million teens get pregnant each year. Of that million, over 530,000 have the baby. Some are put up for adoption, but the majority of them are kept by their young and uneducated mother. The responsibility of the child is too often pushed upon the teens mother, since the mother is not always capable or willing to put forth the time and effort to raise the child. We have offered prevention methods, yet still, the number of teen pregnancies is high, too high. It is time for a drastic approach at reducing the numbers of children being brought into this world by young girls.

The preventive methods we have offered so far have been birth control, IE; the pill, the condom, depro-provera, and a slew of others. We have tried to educate the young women by showing them pictures of childbirth, pregnancy, and the difficulties of raising children. Gee, lets show them little pictures of cute little babies, in cute little outfits, making cute little faces. Yeah, that'll make themabstain. We have tried telling them of diseases they can catch without using birth control. We tell them that if you don't use a condom you will get these awful diseases that will make you sick, and have sores all over. A famous talk show host named Adam Corolla says, "You can tell kids that they will catch these disease that make them sick, and sometimes die, but unless you tell them that there penis is going to fall off, they could care less."
I find this to be true. Obviously the number of diseases and teen pregnancies is proof enough that they aren't listening. It is time to take matters into our own hands. Time to take control of the youths sexuality. It is time to bring back the chastity belt.

All we have to do is place a belt on every young girl, lock it up, and hide the key until she gets married. Just like a snap of the fingers we can eliminate unwanted teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. It's as simple as taking the choice away from them. They have proved themselves to be too irresponsible to make smart decisions about sex, so therefore they should no longer have the right to decide for themselves when to begin reproducing. It worked quite well back in the medieval days, and I feel it could be just as effective in the 20th century as well as centuries to come.

It may take some time to get used to the idea, but I think that once it is in play, everyone will see how effective it is, and appreciate the revival of a barbaric birth preventive device. In addition to the reduction of teen births, we will see a drastic improvement of cases of sexually transmitted diseases. Killing two birds with one stone as they say.

In conclusion, once we take away the responsibility of decision, we will have solved our problems of teenage pregnancy as well as sexually transmitted diseases. Think of all the other irresponsible things that we could eliminate if we took away their right to decide. This idea has endless possibilities and I hope it will weigh heavily on your mind with a favorable opinion.