One of the phenomena that are inherent to almost every human being is a sense of wonder. We are always dreaming about something that we would like to have or feel. A person would give anything away just to fulfil his wishes. I actually think that this typical behavior of a human does not contribute anything bad to the personís life. Instead, it gives him power to live, explore, and hope that his dream will ever come true. But what happens when we are at the top, when we have already conquered our mark? That is when we are getting disappointed because after analyzing our wish we are usually losing that sense of wonder. This is how God had created us, and there is nothing we can do about it.
Like any other human being, I also had a hope for an experience that used to overwhelm me with a sense of wonder. In my opinion this was a strange idea, but at the same time still very normal for the man of my age.
During my teenage years I have been always surrounded with people who were older than me. Many of them were married or were in serious relationship with opposite sex. On the other hand, I was also not alone, but my relationship was not that strong and serious. Looking at those people, I understood that the experience my friends have starts to overwhelm me with the sense of wonder. I wanted to see my self in their situation. I imagine having a very close person with who I would spend most of my time. Who would have important responsibilities for me, who would love and care about me like my mother.
I have finally found a woman with whom my dreams came true. We are together for almost three years, and all this time we share our happiness and pain. During these years I always tried to improve our relationship, I wonted to make it perfect. This was an interesting period of my life; time when I craved for my dream that was so far from my reality. I now can feel my success, but something happened to that sense of wonder I used to enjoy. One day it disappeared and I cannot get it back. I lost it like a piece of jewelry without which my life looks gray and boring. I have also realized that such a relationship is not necessary for me at this time because I need more time for studying and I am not ready to have a family.
In conclusion we can see how helpless our mentality is. We, humans, sometimes have strange feelings and do strange things that cannot be explained. Sense of wonder for an inexperience that we did not feel yet will stick with us forever. We can only hope that this new knowledge will not disappoint us in future.