One of Beowulf’s Men at the Battle with the Dragon

Beowulf is the greatest warrior the Anglos have ever had. It is such an honor to be part of his army. He is the almighty warrior, invincible to anything. This great day has came, to where I can proudly serve him as he fights this bewitched dragon. As we march towards the cave of this dragon I observe Beowulf’s composure and body language. He is confident, and anxious to defeat this dragon, 50 years after his last great battle with Grendel’s mother.
We arrive at the dragons layer and Beowulf enters with no caution what so ever. The men outside laugh, and carry on while Beowulf make his way to dragon. I can overhear the stories of his legend, and the predictions to what is going to happen to this hopeless dragon. Then Beowulf and the dragon begin to fight. The dragon is extremely strong and fearless. It shows no fear of the great Beowulf and takes no mercy upon his soul. This beast is throwing around Beowulf; I do not know what to do but watch. I never dreamed that I would actually have to fight with Beowulf. For the almighty Beowulf could never be defeated. He had proven it before and he would surely prevail again. This time was different though, the aged and weak Beowulf was just too weak for the dragon. The other men all looked serious now, everyone looking at one another to see what the other would do. I was one of them, as they began to retreat, I went too. The morale thing for me to do was to stay, but I was not properly prepared for this impossible defeat of Beowulf.
As I retreat from the dragon, I stop and watch from a close distance. I notice that a brave warrior has shown his courageous and Anglo Saxon character. The young soldier who goes by the name of Wiglaf begins to defeat the dragon with Beowulf. I only keep looking in jealousy and shame. For the time has come for me to be a hero and I do what only a weak soul would do. I abandoned my great leader Beowulf, when he needs me most. The battle is now over and the dragon is defeated, the severely injured Beowulf covered in the blood of maybe his last victim. The almighty Wiglaf now, which will fulfill Beowulf’s shoes, walks away a hero. Then there’s me, sitting in the brush in the distance, only wondering what if I had been the loyal Anglo that Beowulf and Wiglaf are.