One Nation Under God

Would God categorize his children? That is a question that I believe most would
give a simple and direct answer: No. Would the United States categorize their citizens?
Although the Amendment suggests that all men and women are equal, the fact is, the
people of the United States are continuously being classified. So, if indeed the United
States is one nation under God, why do we continue to sort ourselves through
unreasonable and unethical factors? The misinterpretation of race has shattered the
American society and for all that it stands. We should correct Americaís immoral actions
and assumptions that separate Godís children in hope of reforming the United States
toward true equality.
The United States is supposed to be a nation of equal beings, yet the
government, companies, and organizations in America use race in questionnaires and
forms. For example, ******************* admissions form asks to check one of the
boxes containing the following: African American, American Indian/Alaskan Native,
Asian/Pacific Islander, Hispanic, White, Other, and Prefer not to answer. Prefer not to
answer should be the most logical choice, but still, the question of race in general, should
not be of any concern, especially for filing purposes. Despite the fact, we are haunted by
the categorization of our "ethnic background," which vaguely describes our personality.
Many other organizations prefer to ask about race, but when we inquired for our ethnic
background, we should think about how and why it would be of any concern if we are
considered equal under God. And when asked for ethnic background, we should wonder
why the selections are merely categorized by color of skin, rather than precise nationality.
How can we be equal in America, yet be judged by the color of our skin? The truth is, we
are deceived by many organizations claiming equality when asked the questions of our
background. Background is simple visualization of our family lineage. Character is still
varied from person to person, whether a person is from the same location of the world or
not. If we are truly equal in race, ethnic background should be of no concern to records
but to idolize diversity. Therefore, the question of our ethnicity should no longer exist
regarding any person for recording purposes such as forms or applications.
Unfortunately, the United States has a social defect which disregards the equality
between human beings. This they call "interracial relationships." "Interracial
relationships," is an immoral expression because it demoralizes couples of the opposite
color. But an interracial relationship is not a relationship between two different colors of the
skin, it is a relationship between two equal human beings. People arenít born into races or
colors, but in actuality, races were created from diverse people and environments.
Race is frequently regarded to as the color of the skin. But, the color of the skin
is simply the natural way the body protects itself in accordance to geographical locations
and the sun. The pigments of the skin have absolutely no relation to the character of the
person. And since a person should be judged by their personality, not the body, classifying
human beings by race remains an immoral way by reasoning.
Furthermore, categorizing races into any group is senseless because people
naturally differ in nationalities, religion, language, color, creed, sex preferences and so on
and so forth. It would be almost impossible to grasp each of these characteristics into
categories, therefore, classifying human beings in any way, is absurd. People classify to
simplify life into categories, but it ironically turns into confusion.
Devastating effects accompany the division of this country by race. First,
psychological effects range from low self-esteem to hatred to misjudgment. Second, social
effects range from barring relationships to employment. Third, physical effects range from
fights to, at worse, death. And fourth, the lack of morality in respecting and loving one
another as the children of God. These effects, which are the major issues concerning the
social structure of the U.S. today, will persist and accumulate as long as we go on
categorizing and dividing the human race.
What is the proper role of race in our society? The role of race in our society is
to remind us all of where the human race has been and what we have learned. Human