One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

Jose Araya
April 15, 1999
English Honors

In the movie , One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, MacMurphy is a protagonist. MacMurphy is commited to a physicatric ward for evalutaition. He acts crazy while he is in jail so that he could have it easier in the ward. His first idea when he gets there is to
just realax and ride out his prison sentance in an easier way. He soon enters a new way of thinking and goes on a personal quest to help better the men in the ward.
His first quest is to bring down the head nusrse. All of the men in the warden are deathly afraid of her and she has control of them. She, in a way, almost seems like she doesn’t want them to progress in there recovery. She seems to start arguments among the m so they will not group together. She uses the phrase “Divide and Conquer” to an extent. MacMurphy sees this and trys to unify the men. He tries to get them to vote to watch
the world series and gets them together to play basket ball. The nurse doesn’t like this one bit and tries to crush all of his attempts but in the end MacMurphy prevails. Still the nurse has
the last laugh. She ends up giving MacMurphy a Labodimy. But MacMurphy’s Soul lives on through teh chief. He ends up breaking out of the ward and going on to live outside.
MacMurphy brought the men together in many ways . He gave them experiences that changed them. He took them on fishing trip which gave them a look at the outside world. He taught them to gamble giving them more enjoyment. Lastly he had a party in the ward and eventually showed a young man what sexual pleasure can be like. Not only was MacMurphy a protagonist but he was also in way , a savior for these men.