On the Various Means for the Reanimation of Dead Tissue

As the above picture shows many people do have dead tissue on their body and need to

have it "fixed." The man above, who suffers from Bell's Palsy, a disease which paralyzes

the face and kills the tissue, is being treated by Doctor James Sharpe. The process for

repairing the dead nerves involves lifting out the damaged portions and replacing them

with newer, healthy tissue from other parts of the body. After that, a series of lasers will

mend the nerves together and once again grant movement to the patients face.

There are also some more controversial methods to bring back what was once

dead. Mary Shelley spoke through Doctor Victor Frankenstein in her novel

Frankenstein with the belief that with all the coming technology and advancement of man

anything was possible. While some may scoff at the idea that a man could revive a person

from the dead it has been done before. Doctors have revived many people that have died

and this is proof of the theory. But bringing back a body long dead has proven a challenge

for even the most astute healers of the world. However with the advancement of cloning

may soon be possible to restore life to the likes of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln

and many other great people in history. While it may not be exactly raising the dead it

would be nearly the same.

Another aspect of this is religion. In John 11:17-34 Jesus comes upon the tomb

of Lazarus who had died four days earlier. Lazarus's sister asked Jesus to bring her late

brother back to life and he did. While some may dispute this saying that it is impossible

I believe that with faith anything is possible.

Another instance where religion plays a part in reanimation is Voodoo. This

Haitian form of religion involves the worshipping of many spirits, or Loa, to fulfill there

needs. What I will be concentrating on mostly is their belief that a voodoo priest, called

a Houngan, can go to a gravesite and raise a deceased person from their grave. Called

zombis in Haiti or the Americanized zombies, they are supposedly dead corpses that rise

to do the priests bidding. Many movies have been made about zombies but they are as

completely far away from the truth as possible. They do not rise to eat brains or kill

people. They are usually sent to work in the sugarcane fields and be treated like slaves.

In reality most are not dead. They are usually poisoned by the Houngan with a

strong sedative, usually dilluted Curare, that makes the body emulate death. He then goes

to the grave site and makes a scene to scare the locals into believing him

However some people long dead have been brought back to life with no ill affects. These

are unexplained and bear close examination.

The last point is cryogenics. Many people think that science in the future will

provide a way to resuscitate them. This is a possibility that is very feasible but expensive

to do therefore only few people elect this option.

Right now the most science can do is patch up a persons face to make it work

again but soon we may be able to join our loved ones here on Earth. With proper funding

and research anything is possible.