On the night of August 4, 1962, Marilyn Monroe died of a fatal dose of
barbiturates. At first, the drugs were thought to be taken orally as in case of suicide, but
the longer the case went on, the more they found out. Mariln Monroe did not commit
There is not enough evidence for suicide. For instance, the evidence of empty pill
bottles in Monroe’s bedroom only helps the prosecution. It was initially assumed that
Marilyn swallowed them. It would have been impossible for Marilyn to swallow 75 pills
without drinking something and there was no container in her room. At the time of her
death, Marilyn’s personal bathroom was being renovated and did not have running water.
She would have had to go out of her room into the other bathroom or kitchen to get
something to drink. In this case, she would have had to pass by Mrs. Eunice Murray, her
live-in housekeeper, which she didn’t.
The drugs used to kill Marilyn were Librium and Nembutal, both very powerful
barbiturates. There were no traces of these drugs found in her stomach. The toxicologist,
Dr. Abernathy, found no traces of the pills in the gastric contents, nor in the liver or
esophagus. Therefore, the pills could not have been swallowed. Milo Sperilgio, the
detective who was one of the first to investigate the Marilyn case, did not believe that
Marilyn committed suicide. “This scenario proved to be impossible for two reasons. Had
she taken all of these capsules orally, the coroner should have found two things: yellow
dye stains in the tissues of the digestive tract from the esophagus all the way down to the
small and large intestines; and the residue of 47-50 ‘yellow jackets’ either partially
dissolved or completely undissolved. Dr. Noguchi found no yellow stain, much less any
trace of Nembutal capsules.”
The drugs are an extremely important part of this entire mystery. Dr. Noguchi
finds this to be a very puzzling piece in this case. “If such drugs are injected, they leave
traces only in the liver and blood.” The only place in the body where the drugs were
found were in the liver and the blood, which means that they had to have been injected.
This proves that the fatal dose was not swallowed.
Why would anyone want Marilyn Monroe dead? There are two possibilities: one
is that she could have been a security risk. Marilyn had been having affairs with John F.
Kennedy and Robert Kennedy for quite some time. They talked to her about many things
that were political and confidential. She wrote everything down that they told her in a
little red diary, because once Bobby yelled at her for not remembering something he had
once told her. The Kennedy’s knew about the diary. Marilyn had been threatening to
hold a press conference on August 6, 1962 telling everyone of her affairs with the
Kennedys, or to show a notebook, which she kept some conversations between Booby
and her, to his wife Ethel Kennedy. This would have ruined the Kennedy’s political career
and Bobby’s marriage. To them Marilyn was a threat. Needless to say, she never made it
to that press conference.
Marilyn was also associated with the Mafia. She would frequently stay at Frank
Sinatra’s Cal-Neva Lodge where several mobsters such as Sam Giancana, Jimmy Hoffa,
and Johnny Roselli stayed often. Associating with the Mafia was dangerous on her part
because of her connection with the Kennedys. The Mafia might have tried to use
Marilyn’s death to get Robert Kennedy to ease up on organized crime. This would not
have been the first time that they had done something like this. In 1961, mobsters used
Chloral hydrate to kill a man running for local office. Chloral hydrate was one of the
drugs found in Marilyn’s body.
There is a large amount of evidence that points to murder. The investigation by
the coroner was flawed, and the police investigation was covered up, many questions were
left unanswered, evidence was destroyed, and there were several stories as to what took
place that Saturday and Sunday. On Friday, August 3, Robert Kennedy flew from the east
coast to the west coast and landed in San Francisco. On Saturday, the day she died, she
made several phone calls and had a few visitors. One of her visitors was her psychiatrist,
Dr. Greenson. At around 5 p.m. she had another visitor, Robert Kennedy. Of the phone
calls made that night, one was to actress, Jeanne Carmen. Marilyn was asking for sleeping
pills because she did not have any.