On the 4th day during the month of Febuary I was at home listening to the latest demo tape of a band called “static-x”. I had just received it in the mail and was eager to hear what direction the band had went, from there last recording. I put the tape in my stereo accepting another so-so performance. To my utter supprise an explosion of wonderful notes hit me leaving me breathless.
Immediately I hopped on my computer and looked up the web site that was listed on the back side of the tape. After a minute or two of waiting for the page to load I clicked on the tour link listed on the left hand side. Only one date was listed, and it was for a venue called The Glass House this coming Friday, Febuary 6th. I had never been to the Glass House but I figured that a band like static-x would put on a great show no matter
where the show was. I knew at that instant that allot of fun was coming my way. After the next school day I went over to Tticketmaster and purchased my ticket for fifteen bucks.
The day had finally came, static-x baby. I was really excited, the plan was short, simple, and very sweet. After school Dan, Jeremy, Steven, Scott, Kal, and I all packed into my ‘87 Buick century and were on our way to Pomona. Kal, who is 26 and a friend of the band broke out a static-x advance cd. The cd was exactly like static’s’ upcoming cd,
which is being released on March 23rd. I cranked up my new car stereo system and we all got into the music. Within what seemed like 20 minutes we were already there.
I parked the car and we went walking toward the line that surrounded the club. In the front of the line was a friend of ours that we always saw at local shows, Kenny. Kenny being the crazy person he is lit up and yelled, “Yo niggaz!!! What up!!! Get over here!!” So we were one of the first few people in line, which was an important thing, the seating
was on a first come first serve basis. After conversing with Kenny and his friends for 15
minutes or so they opened the doors and we stepped into the house.
We went down to the front of the stage which was a small open floor that had allot of standing room. Front row center just the way I like it, that is until all the big fat guys take off there shirts and run into you, drenching you with there sweat. A band that has been fairly quiet on the L.A. music scene was opening secretly, “Downset.” With the big
black curtain down, lights off, and crowd getting pumped, over the loud speaker echoed a firmlar voice. ”Anger....hostility toward the opposition.” The voice repeated as the curtain went up and the lights blared, everyone realized it was Downset and the place went off.They had a great set that got the people warmed up for what was up and coming, static!
The curtain was once again drawn and had been for about 30 minutes. The crowd was getting restless and without a thought I yelled, “static!!!” Within 20 seconds I had over 2,000 people yelling “static.” I had never seen static in person so I had no idea that
they had a great stage presence. Wayne, there lead singer got tired of us yelling “static” so he came out and told us to shut up, what a since of humor. I was pumped at first sight, Wayne had hair that stood upright 2 feet.
About fifteen minutes later the curtain drew up once again and a purple spot light luminated Wayne. With his guitar in hand and microphone in front of him he started playing, “Im with stupid.” After singing the first verse of the song the rest of the band was reviled by various lights off different color. There bass player, Tony, a large grungy guy,
was running back and forth along the stage. A little chines guy that was very animated and to the right of Wayne was hopping up and down. There drummer looked like he was in full concentration trying to