On every continent, cities and towns are located in specific places all over the continent. Rather than establishing cities in the middle of nowhere because they look good on the map, people build cities in places where they can function with everyday life and help the cities population expand. For these actions to happen as planned, you have to place a city where it will have good agriculture, industry, a fresh water source, transportation, communication, and repository for wastes.
Many cities are placed by a fresh water source, either on a peninsula, island, near a bay, sea, or gulf. For example, on Turtle Continent, Turtle Neck is placed right along the coastline of the Choker Canal. Turtle Neck is known for its extensive trading with other continents. Turtle Neck being along the coastline of the Choker Canal, supplies the city with a fresh source of water, food and other materials, since it is near water it is also used as a repository for the cities wastes. In addition, Stomper City and Back Foot are placed right on peninsulas. These two cities are very clean and sanitary because their waste is being let into fresh waters of Boot Bay and Gofers Gulf. Many recreational activities and jobs are held on Stomper City and Back Foot, such as: trading, fishing, swimming and sailing, because the current of the water sends the waste out to sea and leaves Boot Bay and Golfers Gulf free of waste. Fresh water sources are almost essential for cities to maintain a clean sanitary environment.
While some cities on a continent are placed near a fresh water source others are located where water isnít as much as an essential need. For example, Shellville is placed right near Velvet Valley, in between the Shell Mountains and the Bashful Basin. Shellville is the main city where agriculture takes place. It is not near a sea or bay but the Dreamy Delta has a river flowing near the land which makes the soil in Shellville very rich, moist and fertile; these conditions make it perfect for growing crops. In addition, Turtle Top is located right next to the Sunshine Strait. Turtle Top is best known for its many industries. The only reason they established right next to the Sunshine Strait was for trading purposes only, not for a fresh water source. Being near a fresh water source doesnít nessicarilly mean that you have to use it for drinking water, recreation, or a repository for waste, some places use it for their businesses.
In conclusion, every city or town located on a map has an essential purpose for being there. All cities located on a continent require some type of natural resource to keep the city populated, not every city is the same or requires the same need. Depending what you want to do in life depends where you move on a continent, different cities means, different jobs.