Oliver North

The United Sates of America had an embassy in Tehran. Tehran is the
capital city of Iran. Iran is a country in the Middle East. It is bordered by,
Iraq, Turkey, Kuwait, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. The Caspian Sea is to the
North and the Persian Gulf is to the South West.
In the 1970’s Iran was friendly with the United States. In autumn of
1979 the peace at the embassy stopped. There were student that would protest
against the United States. Many of the students were taught in the United
States. The students and other protesters would shout; “ Down with the
American Satan”, “Americans go home”, “Death to the Shah” and many
other comments. The protesters were angry that the United States supported
the leader of Iran; Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi. The Shah was a dictator.
The Shah was thrown out of Iran in the 1970’s by Muslim revolutionaries.
The shah sought asylum in the United States. In October of 1979 Jimmy
Carter let the Shah go to a New York City Hospital for treatment.
Then several Iranian protesters walked into the embassy and took it
over. The protesters told other protesters to come with them. The protesters
had a sit in and would not leave until there demands were met. The protesters
wanted the Shahs multi million-dollar fortune returned to the Iranian people.
The protesters let out all of the non Americans, Africans, and all of the
women. The Africans were released because the were oppressed by the white
Americans and the women were released because they would not wage war
on women. When the take over started four women and two men escaped and
made it to the Canadian embassy. When they got there they hid for several
months and got fake Canadian passports. Then they were flown to Canada
then onto the United States.
Iran is one of the oldest countries in the world. Until 1935 it was called
Persia. Iran is the cross road of the Middle East and was conquered by the
Greeks, Parathions, Arabs, Turks, and then the Mongols. In 1908 oil was
discovered in Iran. During WW1 it was smart to have Iran as your friend.
When Reagan was President there was allot of hostage taking in the
Arab World. This is when the Iran Contra and the Arms-for-Hostages
happened. This all started in the middle of the 1980’s it mostly all happened
after 1985. The head of the National Security Council Robert McFarlane, he
also was a National Security Adviser, arranged the trades. One of the his
staff members was a young Marine Lieutenant Colonel named Oliver North.
Oliver North did secret work for the government for a couple of months.
The United States found out that Israel was selling weapons to Iran.
Iran needed the weapons to fight a war with Iraq. Then the United States
thought that they can trade weapons to Iran for hostages. The deal was to sell
weapons to Israel then Israel would sell them to Iran. Iran would see that the
American Hostages in Lebanon would be released. Mcfarlane made North
make the deal with the countries.
The first shipment was sent to Israel it was 500 anti-tank missiles.
Mcfarlane told North to make another deal but not to sell the any weapons
until the hostages were released. North wanted the deals to keep working so
he made a deal. North told Israel to sell Iran the anti-aircraft weapons. The
anti-aircraft missiles were out of date. Rear Admiral John M. Poindexter was
now in charge of the deals. North convinced Poindexter to make some more
deals but not go through Israel. North wanted to sell directly to Iran.
North saw a way he could make money out of all of the weapon deals.
North was in London to make a new deal to sell 1,000 missiles. The missiles
were up to date and called HAWKS. The Iranians paid ten million dollars for
the weapons. No hostages were released after the deal. Now North had to go
to Iran and make the deal himself.
North took money from every weapon deal that he made. He would
take the money and fund anti-Communist groups in Central and South
America. The main group was active in the country of Nicaragua. The group
was called the Contras. That is what the money was used for.
North was a native of Philmont in upstate New York but North was
born at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonion Texas. He was born on October
7, 1943. He enlisted in the Marine Corps at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina.
Then he