Old Man and Old Woman

“Making a decision is not an easy thing if one cannot aware of its consequences”

In the story, the writer described two characters, an old man and an old woman who get on earth. While they are roaming on earth, they decided to make an agreement about the people, who will live on the earth.

This story is kind of confusing because it is really hard to choose what to say. The writer described his character, which are really wise. They both have good reason and explanation for their decisions they wanted to make. In the first few lines, when the old man says that he is the first to say in every thing means that he wanted to give a chance to the old lady for the second say. Or that is the old lady jumped into for the second say, because women are the troublemakers. Mostly women think that they are wiser than, but it is not always true.

They decided several things; tanning the hides will be the duty for women, they will let the people have the eyes and the mouth in the faces. They also said that the people should have the four fingers and a thumb on each hand. But they are little confused, when they reach at the stage, where they have to decide about the life and death. They both have different decisions. They are trying to trick each other by throwing a buffalo chip and a rock into the water to prove that those are not going to sink. The old man wants people to die only for four days and get into life again whereas, the old women wants that people will die forever.

I like the part where she gives an explanation that it is better for people to die forever, if they did not, they will not feel sorry for each other. They will do what ever they want to do, no matter its wrong or right. If that is the case, than there will be no distinction between good and evil. On the other hand, the old man wants that people die only for four days and live forever. I think that may be he thinks that people can feel the taste of the death in those four days. It means that if the person chooses the evil way to spend life, he will have to face a very painful death. When he gets the life back he can remember the taste of the death he will not choose the evil way. And those who spend their lives for good things will die without any pain. They feel so comfort that they want to die again to get the same taste.

Finally, they agreed on what the old women said about the death. Though her point of view of making the decision about death is meaningful, but she does not think of loosing someone forever at that time. She understands that when she looses her daughter. Now she is trying to change her decision because she really hurts and feel very guilty about her decision and wanted to say her agreement over again. The good thing is that they stick to their agreement.

“No matter what, once you made the decision, you have to stick to that. You have the right to think, and you are free to decide which way you have to choose because the time that has gone is gone forever, and will not come back.”