Old Age Essay


Being old is a state of mind. There are so many older people in the world, who are more fit, more able, and more knowledgeable than many young adults. While old age had place a certain handicap on you, there is nothing you can still not accomplish. There are some young people who believe that they are old simply because they do not look good, and there are some old people who believe themselves to be young because they are still fit and lookin’ good. Being old is only how old you think you are.

It is useful to use an example when discussing this subject. A sick patient in a wheelchair. If they ever want to walk again, they have to put in the effort. They must think and know that they will walk again and not give up. However, if they do not believe they can walk, then they will stay in their wheelchair. This is the same with old people. If they believe they are old, and cannot accomplish anything, then they will probably not accomplish anything. When you believe that you still have the strength to walk around and do things yourself, you will be able to.

Another reason it is a state of mind is because of the peoples bodies themselves. If old people are fit and think they look good, then they are going to feel good and young. And if old people are fat, then if they have the right attitude and think they are not old then they will work out, and look better. It all depends on your attitude towards old age. There are many factors which play an important role in your attitude, looks, history of sickness or of good health, and if other people in your family have died early or young. If a persons family has a hereditary disease, which you are prone to get, then the person would feel old every day they are alive. If the person has a history of good health, then they will not feel old until much later in their life.

Between your attitude, diligence, willingness, history, and appearance, it all boils down to a state of mind, your mental image of yourself. When you see your self as old, you will be old, when you see yourself as young, you will be young. Being old is only a state of mind.