Of Mice and Men Writing Assignment

There were many reason for me to shoot Lennie. It was the hardest thing
I had ever had to do. Lennie was my best friend and he didn't deserve to die. I
felt that if he had to die I should be the one that killed him, not someone on a
horse with a shotgun hunting him down like a crazy animal. Lennie wasn't I
crazy animal from my point of view. He was just misunderstood by many people.
I also thought that they might hall Lennie to the funny farm. To me Lennie was
very smart. He knew when to say certain thing to get his way. Like the first time
we went to the little pond. I started yelling at him because I was frustrated. It
mad him sad and he started to cry. Lennie is just a little kid at heart so when he
is sad he cries, that's the only way he can deal with his problems. But anyway, I
had mad Lennie angry and he started to cry. Then I felt sorry for him and told
him I would get him a dog so he wouldn't have to carry around that mouse. Then
he gave me that "guilt trip" and started saying that he could go live and the
woods and he would be fine without me. Yes, Lennie was a very smart person.
As I look back to those events leading up to Lennie's death I kind of think
that it's my fault that he's dead. Not just because I'm the one that killed him but
because I should have watched him more closely. I should not have left him in
the barn with Curley's wife. I think that they started talking and somehow
Curley's wife had him touch her hair. As you know Lennie likes soft things so he
kept touching it. She started to panic when he wouldn't let go so she struggled
and screamed. Lennie got scared and grabbed her neck and somehow snapped
it. The poor fellow. He didn't know any better.
My farm seems very empty without my best friend. It just doesn't seem
right to be on that farm without Lennie. It wasn't my dream and it wasn't Lennie's
dream but it was our dream. When I killed Lennie I also killed part of my soul.