1185 B.C.

Dear Penelope,

Hello my love, it is me your husband Odysseus. I regret not being home with you and Telemachus. But there is a lot you have to understand. I care for you from the depths of my soul. But I have done wrong these 20 some years ago. Iíve slept with other women, disappointed and shame the name of our family. All of my men are gone and I am confused. But I know I need to get home and it has to happen right now. There so much more I have to get off my chest and I figure it would be better for me to write it down.

It all started when I went to fight in the Trojan war. As time past me and my men went to the land of the lotus eaters. The lotus eaters eat a plant that grows on there island called the "lotus". My men were fascinated by the island and wanted to stay. I made the decision to move out. My men and I moved out across the Sea and came to the shore of a cave. Where polyphemus resides. He is the son of Poseidon the God of the Sea. Polyphemus ate four of my men. I made a pole out of his club. And then I blinded him. Then we gave him an liquor so we could sneak out. We hid under rams bellies and snuck out the cave. Then polyphemus prayed to his father and told him to make the waters rough so we cant make it home in a timely order. Now this is one of the reasons I regret the trip and my choices. We came to the shore of Circe where she turned my men into swine. She said she would change them back if I slept with her. So for the sake of my men I did. I stayed on the island for one year. When I was ready to go back on my journey she for told me about the sirens. There singing voices that lure men into there island. But me and my crew were not swayed. I met Aeolus Keeper of the winds, where he gave me the wind to get home. But my men though I was hiding gold and they open it and blew us of track and killed one of my men. We happen to come across Scylla and six headed monster who ate six of my men one for each head. Then I get to the shore of the fair Calypso. She as an radiance that drew me to her. I slept with her. She held me prisoner. Fortunately she treated me well. She told me she could turn me immortal. She said I wouldnít die and I would stay young. Because you where old and unattractive, but I said im too old and unattractive so we will be that way together. She let me leave because Zeus told her to let me go. I built my own ship and came to a place where nice fishermen and farmers leaved. There king figured out I was Odysseus and his people brought me to Ithaca. Im at my father Laertes writing this letter.

So what im think im trying to say id that I love you and Telemachus. Im sorry for being unfaithful to you and I canít wait to get home. I have faced my consequences. And the gods have showed me the right path. Keep a look out for me. Because I might just surprise you.