Nursing is a very interesting career. I'm kinda interested in Neo-Naddle nursing, because I like to care for babies. I believe that with my help I can make a difference in there lives.

I have been brought up around this career most of my life. My mom is a nurse for our local health department. Each day she gets up ready to go to work. She is always happy no matter what happens at work. She said this is the best way of meeting new people. She believes no matter what there will always be a need for nurses. There will always be sick people in this world. The longer were here, the more there will be.

Nursing in general is the process of caring for, or nurturing another individual. Nursing refers to the care given by a person that is trained in the art and science of nursing. There are two major categories of nursing: licensed practical nurse and registered nurses. I am interested in the register nurse, but going on to become a neo-naddle nurse. This s a baby nurses. They take care of babies that are born early or need special attention.

The education for nursing is around four years. To become a neonaddle nurse it will take me about six years. Originally nurses received little little or no class room preparation. The training was gave by apprenticeship, the nurses that had lots of years caring for patients taught the younger ones. The major focus of nursing lies on diplomas. They are to prepare nurses to give direct beside care in hospital, nursing homes, and other intusional settings. Graduates of these programs are eligible to take the licensing examination in the state in which they wish to practice. Upon passing, they may legally practice nursing and are allowed to use the initials RN after their names.

Many diploma schools closed after 1965, when the American Nurses Association published a position paper stating that all nurses' education should take place in institutions of higher learning. There are two levels of nursing practice: professional and technical. Professional nurses would have a baccalaureate degree or higher. The technical nurse would have an associate degree. Technical nurses would work under the supervision of the professional nurse.

Associate degree programs were introduced in the United States in 1952. They were offered at community colleges, but a member can be found in four-year institution. The two programs strongly emphasized technical skills supported by basic foundation sciences. The graduate of an associate degree must also take the state licensing examination and can practice nursing using the initials RN. Baccalaureate programs takes four years to complete and provide a strong base of liberal education.

Masters and doctoral degrees usually require the graduate to be from an accredited baccalaureate-nursing program.

Practical nurse has an education and licenses very different from that of the registered nurse. To be a practical nurse it takes approximately one year and includes classroom work and practical training in a hospital. The programs are usually offered though vocational or technical schools. These graduates must also take a licensing examination in order to practice after passing the examination these graduates may use the initials LPN or LVN after there mane. These nurses must practice under a registered nurses.

There are many duties of nurses: taking blood pressure, to managing a life support system in intensive care units. Nursing must be a teacher, counselor, and manger, concerned with promoting the health of patients. There must be able to care for them when they are ill.

Nurses have dependant funtionals as well as independent functions orders for medications or changing dressing wounds, must be carried out under a licensed physician. The independent functions are those that nurse's carry puts based on they're own judgement. This function includes bathing patients, positioning them to prevent joint contractors teaching people how to care for themselves, and providing nutritional counseling.

With the explosion of technical knowledge in the fluid of health care since World War two, nurses have also begun to specialize in particular areas of nursing care. These include medical-surgical, maternal-newborn, psychiatric, and community-health nursing within each of these branches there are opportunities for further specialization. In 1960 nursing expanded, and brought the career of nursing practitioner. You may also open