Nuclear Waste

I'm going to take you into the future. You have a nice family with two children. Every aspect

of your life is wonderful. Wonderful up until the day you find out that twenty years ago you drank some

water that was contaminated with radio activity and now you only have a few months to live. Could

this happen? The evidence points to yes. We all know that radioactivity causes cancer and we also

know that nuclear waste sties store large amounts of the chemical. I can not stress enough the

importance of isolating a waste site from everybody. Even isolating it from one person. If this can not

be done than alternative power sources should be used.

The containers used to store exhausted chemicals from a nuclear plant work effectively but they

are by no means guaranteed to maintain what they are holding for over ten thousand years. A promise

like that would be preposterous. It just can't be done in this day and age. Not only that but what if

there was an earthquake. Scientists didn't predict the major earthquake in Japan a few years ago.

What makes you think that an area with a low probability for earthquakes couldn't have one. It only

takes a small shift in the ground to crack a container and have the radioactive waste spew into the

water table exposing everyone who comes in contact to it with cancer causing agents.

If there is to be a nuclear waste site in a community I would highly recommend placing it in a

site with salt rock formations to seal any crack in the surface and in an area with igneous rock. Igneous

rock is not porous and won't absorb liquid as well as other surface materials. I personally would feel

very uncomfortable with a nuclear waste site in my neighborhood. I don't have enough fate in our

technologies. In time I may but at the present moment I would much rather have large quantities of

deadly material as far from my home as possible.