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The Austria which appeared in 1700 was indeed a new creation

The Austrian Hapsburgs ahd long enjoyed an eminent role in European affairs.
-Holy roman Empire
-relation to Spanish Hapsburgs

Austria then emerged from the husk of the HRE to build an Empire of its own Austrian dominions
nothing held these territories together other than the personal rule of the Hapsburgs

Prince Eugene of Savoy
more than anyone the founder of the modern Austrian state
he reformed teh Austrian military along the liens laid out by Louis XIV
in 1697 he won the battle of Zenta
drove the Turks out of Hungary
Peace of Karlowitz 1699-Turks gave most of Hungary along with Transylvania and Croatia to the House of Hapsburg

Austria entered the war of the Spanish succession to win the crown of Spain-didn't get it
-Austria did gain the Spanish Netherlands with Milan and Naples

The government of the Austrian Empire dealt with the large landowners and let the landlords to control the peasants

The Hapsburgs were determined to maek their empire Hereditary and Ctholic

despite the efforts of the Hapsburgs, the Austrian monarchy remained a collection of territories held together by a personal union.
no diet for the whole empire
each country retained its own law, diet and political life

For the empire to exist, all crowns had to be inherited by the same person.
After the reconquest of Hungary the King-arch-duke, Charles VI (1711-1740) devised a form of insurance to guarantee such an undivided succesion.
Pragmatic Sanction-1713
by this every diet in the empire and the various arch-dukes in teh hapsburg family were to agree to regard the Habsburg tetritories as indivisible and to recognize only one specific line of heirs.
Charles VI had only a daughter- Maria Theresa

When Charles died armed heirs started war to partition the Austrian holdings-War of Austrian Succesion.