Noemi Mendez
Professor M. Brooks
English 102
September 16, 2000

1) What is the dominant issue/problem/concern highlighted by events in the story?

Elizabeth has psychological problems, she imagines a woman trapped inside the wallpaper.
She’s feeling depressed. Fear that she will never get over her illness. She’s also very lonely because her husband is always working and never lets her have guests.

2) How does each portrayal of the problem affect you?

A. At work I feel trapped. I feel that I will never advance within the company. Stressed with the workload.
B. Psychological/Emotional my employer depends on me to do everything. I know that I can finish a task, but they always depend on me to get it done quick with no mistakes. I can never make mistakes, because of this I am always stressed out.
C. Constant fears that I am not good enough at school and work. That I won’t succeed in life.

3) Based on the three (3) portrayals of events, how would you re-title this story, “The Yellow Wallpaper”? Explain (give the reason for) your choice of title.

“Trapped Within A Fear” It’s obvious that Elizabeth is overwhelmed with feeling restless and without escape. She sees no hope of happiness, no way out. I believe she’s trapped in a fear because she claims she doesn’t want to go back into society. As humans we don’t want to be back in particular situation when we were horrified about that situation and even more so when we know the outcome.

4) What is the single most important point expressed by events in each film?

A. A women trapped, creeping and calling to her. Feeling isolated from the world.
B. The wallpaper look to her as if it knew that it had a bad effect on her.

5) What is the single most important point expressed by what little you have read in the short story (excerpted)?

Elizabeth was trapped and felt there was no escape from the situation.