No Thanks, I'll Take Real Music

It started last year in the spring/summer with the Back Street Boys. It progressed into one of modern music's worst disasters...the all male, all vocal band movement! Shortly after the Back Street Boys came out, many other almost identical bands came on the scene. That opened the flood gates to any group of no talent bands.
How did this happen? I like the explanation of Lead singer Jon Davis of the band "Korn": "It's like a bunch of producers went to the mall looking for good looking kids and gave them a record deal." To me this best explains why they are successful. After all, the consumers of this type of music are 12-15 year old girls. I always hear how cute they look but never how talented they are.
The music that these bands produce is very main stream. You will never hear them sing about a controversial topic. If the bands did write and sing music about these topics, they would expand their range of listeners but they would also loose the nice clean cut image. I don't think that any of these bands have to struggle because before you know it these feel good-happy music groups are popping up everywhere.
What should they do? When most bands start playing they go through many years of building a fan following. That's the problem with these groups. Playing with instruments would help a lot! A solid bass line and a little good guitar never hurt anybody. Don't get me wrong, I think everyone should be able to choose there own music (yes even country). So stick to bands that are not just an image but also a sound!
What does the future hold for these mass produced bands? The way I see it, two months from now they will be off the charts and some producer will be buying a new Mercedes Benz. If you are like me and can't wait for it to be over, don't worry, soon they will be reduced to touring in Europe!