No One Here Gets Out Alive

Jerry Hopkins and Danny Sugerman

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New York, N.Y. 10020


Mike Bugarini
9-10:30 T-Th
This book is about the life and times of Jim Morrison. It talks about his childhood through his adulthood. It all starts out the way most biographies do. It talks about his childhood. How tough it was being the son of a military man having to travel around the country following his dad and family. But in a way, Jim found this as sort of a way to experience life. But still many believe that this could have been the start of Jim’s downfall. There are many main points in this book about Jim. I think the most important one is to understand why Jim did what he did. I am talking about his extensive drug and alcohol abuse. The principle conclusion that I got from this story is that you can as much fun as you want when your alive but to remember life is short, delicate, and fragile and ultimately no one here gets out alive. The two authors of this book have both had personal experiences with Jim Morrison. Danny Sugerman has been working for the Doors since he was a kid. He worked in there as an office assistant and observed much of the Doors activities. Jerry Hopkins is a well-known music writer. Throughout his research for this book he interviewed over 200 of Jim’s relatives, friends and associates.
Well being that one of the authors worked with the Doors and the other followed his career closely; they are very good sources for information about Jim and the Doors. I think that the authors have a very neutral position regarding the subject. I think that is because they experienced first had what was going on. The author assumes that when the Doors first came out on the seen that they were to dark and didn’t quite fit into the music of the time. But as the Doors became more popular Jim made it clear what his message was, to achieve the unknown. It doesn’t really say if the authors agreed with the actions of Jim, but it gives good explanations on why he “had “ to do what he did.
I really enjoyed this book a lot. I agree with a lot of Jim Morrison philosophies and have lived by them for some years now. My favorite is the title of the book. I mean it is so short simple and to the point. It is a harsh reality that no one likes to think about but it is true. I like that he was not afraid to do anything. But that is also what I didn’t like about his story. His drug and alcohol use was taken to the extreme. Jim made good convincing arguments about how it was need to expand your mind and put on a better show and how he need to achieve the unknown. I don’t think that an excess of anything is good for you and in Jim’s case in ended up killing him. There was really nothing that I disliked about the book. I thought that it could have more information on his lyrical material, but the book was good enough. I can’t ask for everything. I think that this book has one of the best accounts of Jim Morrison’s life. It documents just about everything and has great pictures and other resource material if you want to find out more about him.
I think that this book is very useful to the fans of Jim Morrison. It has very descriptive stories about Jim and the Doors that any fan would love to hear about. This book is worth a lot to me. After reading it in high school I realized many things. One being that drug abuse is bad and shouldn’t be down to an extreme or at all. It also opened my eyes to a whole new world of people and experiences. It made me aware of different attitudes on life and ultimately to appreciate life and to open The Doors of perception. This book will be useful to anybody. I think that fans will cherish the stories about Jim and learn from his mistakes. The