Nicola Sacco

70 years ago, on August 23rd, 1927,
the State of Massachusetts executed
immigrant anarchists, Nicola Sacco
and Bartolomeo Vanzetti, after an
international campaign to stop their
execution. This page is a tribute to
their memory.

Nicola Sacco was born in Italy and
emigrated to the United States in
1908. With Bartolomeo Vanzetti
he was arrested on charges of
murdering a shoe factory paymaster
and guard at South Braintree,
Massachusetts. They were tried and
convicted in an atmosphere of
antiradical hysteria. The trial ended
July 14, 1921, and they were
electrocuted August 23, 1927.
During the years of their
incarceration, widespread doubt of
their guilt reached worldwide
proportions resulting in protest.
Many books and articles, written by
those in and out of the legal
profession, have left detailed
accounts of one of the most
controversial and best known cases
in United States history.

Bartolomeo Vanzetti was arrested
with Nicola Sacco on charges of
murdering a shoe factory paymaster
and guard in South Braintree,
Massachusetts, and convicted on
July 14, 1921, Vanzetti left a most
moving articulate statement of the
vindication of Sacco and himself in
an atmosphere of hysteria the two
were sentenced to die and were
electrocuted on August 23, 1927.
With the encouragement of
supporters, Vanzeffi issued letters
and articles from his prison cell and
displayed a highly sensitive
intelligence despite the fact that he
was largely self-educated. The
Sacco-Vanzetti case inspired
controversy reaching worldwide
proportions. Belief in their
innocence became widespread as
they were seen to be victims of
antianarchist hatred.

Neither has been officially cleared
of the charges against them in the
State of Massachusetts although
considerable pressure has
periodically mounted to bring this

(Irving Horowitz, The Anarchists,
1964, Dell Publishing)

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Left-Libertarians page.


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