New York City, New York, "The Melting Pot", "The Big Apple", "The City That
Never Sleeps", "The Town so Nice, They Named it Twice" are all names for one of the
greatest cities in the world. What's so great about it? What does it have besides pollution
and crime? Let me tell you about it.
New York was one of our first major cities in the United States of America. New
York City is made up of five boroughs, namely Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Staten
Island, and Brooklyn. The boroughs were originally New York county (Manhattan);
Kings county (Brooklyn); Bronx county (Bronx); Queens county (Queens); and
Richmond county (Staten Island).
New York City has had three different baseball teams and can still boast of two of
those teams. The New York Mets from Shea Stadium and the New York Yankees from
Yankee Stadium are the remaining two. The other team was the Brooklyn Dodgers.
Other pro teams from New York consist of the Jets, Giants, Ranges, Islanders, and the
New York Knickerbockers. New York has the best bagels, cheesecake and Italian food in
the world and hot dogs beyond comparison that can be enjoyed while taking a horse and
buggy ride through Central Park. New York has almost 6,000 miles worth of road and,
with that much blacktop, who can argue if they need their over 120,000 taxi-cabs they
Liberty Island can be found in New York. This Island is the pedestal for the
Statue of Liberty, a gift from France to commemorate there alliance during the
Revolutionary War. Located directly next to Liberty Island is Ellis Island. Hundreds
upon thousands of immigrants came by way of Ellis Island into the New World's United
The island of Manhattan was bought from the Indians for twenty-four dollars
worth of trinkets, beads, and buttons. That small island has become part of one of the
largest cities in the whole world. Manhattan holds a six floor one block square
department store named Macy's which holds a parade that has come to be the number one
Thanksgiving Day parade in our country. In Manhattan is the city's World Trade Center.
The World Trade Center is made up of four buildings. Two of those four are the Twin
Towers. These towers are 1,378 feet high. The only way they may be told apart is that
building two has an antenna on top. Manhattan is the only borough that has steam
powering its cooling and heating systems. The Chrysler Building, a beautiful building
with a slanted roof, illuminates the sky with many of the other buildings in Manhattan.
Another of the largest buildings in the world found in Manhattan is the Empire State
Building. This skyscraper reaches 1,248 feet in the air and sits on the corner of 5th
Avenue and 34th Street. Manhattan has a very clever street layout where all of the streets
form a grid except for Broadway and the very oldest part of the city. All of the Streets in
Manhattan are one way streets with the exception of Park Avenue. Manhattan also
proudly sports the United Nations Building.
Staten Island and Brooklyn are connected by the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, the
longest bridge in the world. It is 4,260 feet long. Manhattan and Brooklyn are connected
conveniently by the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges. The Brooklyn Bridge was the
longest bridge in the world when it was built.
Staten Island is trying to become independent from New York City. They want to
become there own city.
New York City is the most populated city in the United States. The city is a
world class city that is the center of advertising, spectacular shows like Radio City Music
Hall's, publishing, radio, and television broadcasting with the station headquarters of
ABC, CBS, and NBC. New York City, New York has definitely made some very
impressive accomplishments.