Never-ending Racism

Racism in the world, as evil as it may be to most people, will continue to exist
because people tend to look at each other categorically. Being looked upon categorically
means that individuals are not seen as humans, but rather seen as African-Americans,
Caucasians, Hispanics, or some other politically correct word. Racism is not considered a
good thing by most people’s standards, but has yet to be avoided.
To understand what racism is, we first have to look at it from several angles.
Webster’s Dictionary defines racism as, “The assumption that psychocultures trait
capacities are determined by biological race and that races differ decisively from one
another....” This definition is summarized by saying that people of different races are
inherently different from one another. Webster’s Dictionary and society’s definition of
racism are almost parallel. In many cases people consider racism as an account of one
individual feeling that they are superior to another due to ethnicity alone. This assumption
is erroneous. The literal meaning of society’s interpretation of racism is seen in two
aspects of the human mind, conscious and subconscious. In their conscious mind they feel
racism is exhibited by extensive acts or ideas, such as burning crosses or racial slang. In
contrast, their subconscious tells them that they are different from another person because
they have a darker or lighter skin tone. Until people can tap into their subconscious and
manipulate their beliefs, nothing will change. The underlying meaning of this definition is
denoted by saying that as long as people are not referred to by their names alone, racism
will always exist.
If you listen to the media, or people in general, you can get the overall gist of the
form of racism we are discussing. For example, newspapers often identify people as
African Americans, Mexicans, Caucasians, or other words that describe a person’s
nationality. Referring to people by their ethnicity or color contributes to racism because it
labels people and places them into categories. People are like the spices in a spice rack.
They are grouped together and separated into “jars.” Aside from the newspapers, people
are also guilty of categorizing themselves. When we hear people talk about a proud black
man or a strong white woman we can recognize that they are, in fact, categorizing
themselves and others in a racist fashion. People continue to accept this subconscious
definition of racism. Until this changes, racism will always exist.
Another angle of racism promoted by certain organizations is equality and
superiority. One blatant example of a racist group is the Ku Klux Klan. This group of
activists is in support of white superiority and feel that the Anglo-Saxons should rule over
every other race. This group was created in the 19th century and remains strong,
especially in the southern states. The KKK helps to define the conventional view of
racism. Another organization which has views of a racist manner is the NAACP. They
illustrate the underlying and accepted meaning of racism in that they are politically correct.
They are for equality yet they label their members into different ethnic groups. The
organization is widely accepted, as are most of their views, by almost all cultural groups.
This wide view of acceptance of racism supports the theory that racism will always exist.
Some people will argue that progression towards a racism-free society has
advanced so greatly that there should be an end to racism in the future. This may be true,
but the only progression that has been made to abolish racism is that of an external
phenomenon dealing with only the tangible qualities of racism. The forward progress fits
that of only the conscious meaning of racism. Since people continue to view others in a
categorical manner with little or no resistance from society, it is logical to say that there
will be no end to this view in the near future. So until mankind can change it’s view of
what is politically correct in it’s subconscious mind, racism will always exist.
People can go about the normal routine of trying not to offend anyone by phrasing
ideas in the correct manner when referring to other races and feel that they are fighting
racism. In all actuality society is promoting bigotry. Perhaps our world could move in the
direction of abolishing both conscious and subconscious interpretations of racism. This
would push toward a Utopic society, which only seems to exist in books under the fiction
heading. So until people can see that there is only one ethnic group, the