We all face necessities every day and because of that we try to eliminate those necessities for the next day or time for our own benefition and also for the society’s.

In the past , in the Industrial revolution the steam machine was invented to produce more products than there were demanded. Before this invention , the demand was greater than what it was produced. The need of products obliged somebody to invent something which will help or fulfil their needs.

Now a days , we have much more facilities than 50 years before, which help us every day to make our lives easier, but not always the inventions are for good. For example the cocaine, although the inventors think that they are good.

The modern facilities we have now, were invented because of only a single and main reason or purpose. To make it easier , or to make us feel more comfortable.

New inventors are shown through the media all the time to inform people of the new ideas, someone great and other not useful, and facilities which probably will help and benefit the society’s life and ours. I hope your realized if I agree or not in this small piece of writing.