Narrative Essay

The walk up the stairs is a sad one. The memories flash past me as I inch closer and closer to that familiar front door. The door opens and Iím filled with those same scents and feelings as if I was a child again. Through those two large doors comes the feeling of reassurance. It feels like only yesterday I was sitting here, in my grandparents house listening to them play the piano. There is no other place in the world where I can go and feel as much love, respect, and understanding.

The first thing that catches my eye as I walk in are the pictures of my family. Those pictures and memories embody everything I am. I am surrounded by pictures, every which way I look. No one has yet had the strength to come and clean out the house. A Iím walking through this open area I am continuously reminded of the euphoria I was in only a short month ago. I feel my eyes well up with tears, and I wipe them away as quickly as they come. I refuse to be broken down by these memories again. I push myself past those pictures, towards the living room and kitchen.

This place, which once was a home, has been vacant for almost a month. I can still smell the scent of my grandmaís cooking. The fresh fruit and bagels in the morning envelopes me. I force myself out of the memory, refusing to be sucked into that tunnel of sadness. So again, I walk away towards the next set of stairs. As I go up the stairs, I feel as though Iím floating. My mind seems to be working without me. There is nowhere else to go but forward.

My legs take me to my grandparents room. I donít want to go in but my hands are slowly opening the door. My legs move into the room and the rest of my body follows. Tears come from somewhere deep inside, and I canít control my sobbing. I try to run, but my feet are planted to the ground. I slowly wither down to the floor, and I know that my mind and body canít take much more. I get up, without knowing what I am going to do.

I begin walking down the staircase. I take one more glance at the piano, and the pictures that surround it. Seeing the family that I am loved by reminds me that I will overcome this pain. I walk out the front door feeling stronger and realizing that time can a will heal my heart.