1. It reflects the ensuing battle between the Mycenaean’s and the Minoans.

2. It was resurrected because Athenian leaders wanted their city to have a great founding king.

Europa and the Bull

1. Eros shot an arrow of love into Zeus making him instantly fall in love with her.

2. He had to change into a bull because his normal self would have killed them.

3. The bull was very gentle and kind to them, licking hands and being nice.

4. When she climbed aboard the U.S. Zeus, he went into the ocean.

5. Zeus was taking her to Crete where he was brought up to get married.

6. Europa then married Asterius a bit later.

Minos and another bull

1. The sign was a bull coming forth from the sea

2. Poseidon was angry so he did 2 things, made the bull go crazy and also made the queen love the bull.

3. The Minotaur came to being by the queen being impregnated by the bull.

4. He sends the Minotaur into a labyrinth.

5. To avenge his son.

6. He helps Minos by devastating Athens with plague, drought, and famine.

7. They agreed to stop fighting as long as Athens gives them 7 guys and 7 girls as a sacrifice every 9 years

The Early Years

1. It was against the oracles prophecy.

2. It was important to keep it secret so the son wouldn’t be killed.

3. Theseus was supposed to lift a great rock and find the fits underneath it.

4. He was strong, able, courageous, intelligent, and wise.

5. He was 15.

6. Theseus chose the hard way to earn fame.

7. Theseus carried a huge bronze club.

8. He had given Sinis the same death that he gave his victims.

9. He killed Thyphon and sceiron.

10. He had earned fame and honor.

The Cretan Experience

1. Athens was in a state of turmoil.

2. Theseus used his father’s sword to slice meat to identify himself.

3. Medea and her son are exiled from the city.

4. Theseus volunteers because of the complaints and realized the truth.

5. A white sail would show Theseus alive.

6. King Minos challenges Theseus to show his god powers.

7. King Minos says that lighting will fall about the noonday sky, and Theseus would dive into the water after the ring and reclaim it with Poseidon’s help.

8. Theseus is guided by dolphins, carried to the Queen of the sea, who in return gives Theseus the ring.

9. He receives help from Ariadne by using thread to find his way out of the maze

10. Minos ships had been punctured and sank.

11. Theseus deserts Ariadne because

12. He throws himself off because his son had died.

The Late Years

1. Phaedra hangs herself, and Hippo is killed by Poseidon

2. They are stuck for awhile in the chairs of forgetfulness, Theseus was saved but the other was not.

3. The Athenians hate him for making them attacked by the Spartans.

4. No, because he is pushed off a cliff…

5. He is treated with honor and pride. They just now remember the heroic deeds his did.