Mysteries of The Night:

Fact or Fiction?

During history, people all around the world have lived with a dull fear that somewhere, out there, is a fierce monster idly threatening all they know and love. May it be the yeti, lochness monster, wolf man, or the vampires that haunt the night, those people have lived with that fear and will continue to live like that with the reasoning that “Monsters don’t exist, Its just a myth.” This essay will tell of all of the most famous monsters and other things that go bump in the night.

The first creature on our list is the boogieman. Everyone knows of this gruesome beast. He lives under your bed and in your closet, ready to get you once you fall asleep. He nibbles at your ankles when you sit on your bed, and occasionally dines on socks and small pets. This well known legend could be an after affect of the well known yet unsolved anomaly of socks disappearing in the drier, but that is unlikely. Another theory is that wild life may have scared little children into believing that there were monsters under their beds. At night when the children get up to go to bathroom, they see this creature that they cant really see what it is, then suddenly the beast scampers under their bed and they run screaming to their parents. By the time the come back, the little critter is gone.
My next creature of horror is the vampire. This creature was once human like you and me, but has now been bitten by another vampire, making them immortal. Climbing its way up from its grave, it seeks for the taste of human blood. Vampires can be both male and female and can be of any age. This race of bloodthirsty creatures has a variety of amazing powers. To make theirs search for blood easier, they have the power to hypnotize their innocent victims and make them do their bidding. Endowed with the strength of 5 men, the ability of flight, and holding the ability to transform into a vampire bat. Stopped only by garlic and steaks of wood, these, once human, children of the night roam the earth for centuries, looking for victims. This horrific tale of blood seeking immortals could be traced back to cannibals of Africa who roamed the savanna, sucking blood out of an explorer whose companion saw this and reported back that his partner slept during the day (needing time to replenish his energy), was sensitive to light (due to a high loss of blood and a headache), and was awake during the night. One could only speculate that the reason behind the transformation to a bat and the fear of wooden steaks is with this scenario: a cannibal in the jungle is attacking a traveler who picks up a sharp wooden stick. The cannibal becomes afraid and kicks sand into the travelers face. The traveler regains his sight soon and by that time the cannibal is gone and the traveler sees a bat flying overhead.

These amazing, yet horrifying beings you have just read about are only two of the creatures out of a massive amount of monsters and ghouls out there. Some of these tales can be explained using logic, but others cannot. Due to the vast variety of these stories, not all of them can be effectively placed into on essay. But make no mistake, those horrific beasts are out there…